What is the Meaning of Psalms 82?

What is the meaning of psalms 82? Psalms 82 is a call to God to bring judgment on men. Men are referred to as gods in Psalms 82 because we are God’s children.

A child takes up the character of the Father and so humans take up the character of God. But in this case, humans have gone astray and their character is not consistent with God’s character.

Psalms 82 urges God to act fast and defend the weak and the fatherless. It is clear that though humans have strayed from God’s ways, there are those who need to be rescued. They may not necessarily be righteous but they are victims of the wickedness of humans.

Psalms 82:5 talks about the hopelessness of those who need God’s salvation. The Psalmist shades a picture of their hopelessness to God. He describes how they know nothing and how the foundations have been shaken.

Psalms 82:6-7 speaks to the oppressive humans. Though God made them in His image and likeness, they are promised death like mortals.

The psalmist concludes by urging God to arise and judge all the nations.

What then is the message in Psalms 82?

This psalm is a warning to us that though we are made in the image and likeness of God, if we turn away from God, we will perish like mortals.

God intended for us to be immortal as He is. That is why He refers to us as gods. But it is our responsibility to uphold the integrity of being in the image of God.

It is clear that the world we live in is corrupt and many have turned away from God. But we who have known the truth are expected to live in the ways of God.

That is the only way we will escape when the judgment of the Lord comes.

That is the message in Psalms 82.