What is the Meaning of Psalms 23:1?

What is the meaning of psalms 23:1? Psalms 23:1 is an affirmation of the psalmist that he shall lack nothing because the Lord is his shepherd.

While this psalm may seem straight-forward, it has a profound meaning behind it.

From Psalms 23:1, we learn that our confidence should be in the Lord. We live in a world where people put confidence in all manner of worldly systems. Some trust their political connections, others bank on the financial system, others trust in their skill.

But the question you need to ask yourself as a believer as you read Psalms 23:1 is if the Lord is your shepherd. Do you fully rely on the Lord to provide for you?

God may still use the systems of the world to provide for you, but He only provides if you make Him your shepherd.

When you need emotional support, do you get it from the Lord? When you feel lonely, do you express your feelings to God? When you worry about the future, do you share your fears with the Lord?

A believer living Psalms 23:1 to the fullest will answer yes to all the questions above. God has provided fellowships for us to get support from them but He still should be our first choice when we want to open up about our struggles.

Is He not our father? Does He not understand our pain and struggles?

Jesus lived among us and experienced first-hand what we experience. If it is to be rejected, He knows what it feels like. If it is to be betrayed by someone close, He experienced it.

After experiencing what we go through, He asked us to go to Him that He may give us rest. He is the good shepherd.

Psalms 23:1 came to life through Jesus who sacrificed Himself to be our shepherd despite our shortcomings. It is our responsibility to follow our Lord Jesus who is our shepherd that we may lack nothing.