What is the Meaning of Psalms 19:14?

What is the meaning of Psalms 19:14? Psalms 19:14 is a prayer that God may accept the words of the psalmist and the meditation of his heart. This psalm shades light into the heart of the psalmist.

What can we learn from psalms 19:14?

First, we learn that the words of our mouths can either be pleasing or displeasing in the eyes of God.

God listens to every word that we speak. Some of the words we speak please Him greatly, others displease Him while others don’t evoke any reaction from Him.

In Malachi 3:16 we are told that those who feared the Lord spoke to each other and the Lord listened and heard.

With this understanding, we need to be careful with the words that we speak not only to God in prayer but to one another.

God is pleased when He hears us talking to one another about how much we love Him. In Psalms 19, the psalmist speaks about the wonderful nature of the word of the Lord.

It is obvious that God is pleased to hear what the psalmist was saying concerning His word.

The ears of the Lord listen to more than what we speak; they listen to what we meditate in our hearts. The thoughts of our hearts are weighed before the Lord.

Remember when David conceived the idea of building God a house in 2nd Samuel 7; he spoke out his desires to prophet Nathan and that night God responded to David’s heart desire with a long speech.

The Lord poured out His emotions about the matter and made a promise to build David a kingdom that will endure forever.

Psalms 19:14 is indirectly revealing to us the seriousness of the words of our mouths and the meditation of our hearts.

Those who are wise will take into their hearts the meaning of psalms 19:14 and improve their relationship with God.