What does the Bible say about Sex?

What does the Bible say about sex? The Bible has addressed sex from different perspectives. However, the general rule about sex in the Bible is that it is a holy act that should not be profaned.

There are many aspects about sex that the Bible has addressed; when to have it, the person to have it with etc.

Learning from the Bible when to have sex and with who is far better than learning what is not allowed.

The Bible has clearly outlined that sex should only be between a husband and a wife. The husband must be male and the wife must be female.  Anything contrary to that is a sin.

It is also clear from the Bible that a woman should not engage in sex when experiencing her monthly periods. This was a command from God so that the woman would not cause defilement to her husband.

Does it apply today? Yes, defilement is defilement.

There are many other forms of sex which the Bible has not addressed directly. The Bible only refers to them as immorality.

Going with the general rule about sex in the Bible, it is wise to stick to the stipulations about sex in the Bible.

Some do ask what the Bible says about sex positions. The truth is that we all know what is right about sex and what is wrong. God gave us a clear conscience that knows good and evil.

Does anyone teach another to engage in sex in private? We all have the rules about sex in our hearts. Whoever says doesn’t know what God requires about sex is a liar.

Our bodies reflect the uprightness of God. What is natural is known and what is unnatural is also known.

The Bible has instructed whatever is has instructed about sex. Though it may not have covered all the areas you may want to know, it has provided sufficient information.

Do what is right!