What does the Bible Say about Haters?

What does the Bible say about haters? The Bible addresses the issue of haters through the life of Jesus. Jesus did nobody any wrong yet there were people who hated Him. Jesus minded His business despite the hatred He encountered.

This teaches us that we are to carry on with our mission regardless of the hate we may encounter. Those who hate will always be there.

Jesus informed His disciples to expect haters saying if they hated Him who was their master, how much more would they be hated.

The Bible also records Jesus saying all His followers will be hated by all nations because of His name. In simple terms, the world hates Jesus and His character.

Walking in the ways of Jesus will attract hatred from the world. If someone wrongs you and you forgive the person as Jesus did, the world will hate the fact that you didn’t revenge.

If you work hard to live a noble life, those who are lazy will be tempted to hate you. Working hard is an attribute that Jesus portrayed during His life on earth.

However, it has to be noted that haters according to the Bible are only haters if you are walking in the upright ways of Christ. Apostle Peter refers to it as suffering for doing good.

The Bible advocates that we do good even to those who hate us. By doing good to them, we force them to see the wickedness that they practice.

If you can, pray for those who do evil to you that God may deliver them from the evil they practice. Remember we were all haters of God before Jesus redeemed us. Just as Jesus helped us out of the hatred we had, we should ask God to save our haters too.