What does the Bible say about Greed?

What does the Bible say about greed? The Bible proves to us that greed is a vicious cycle that destroys whoever possesses it. When greed is mentioned, we mostly associate it with money. But greed can take many other forms.

The Bible describes greed as a combination of selfishness and an undying appetite for worldly possessions. Greed manifests when someone gathers possessions and holds on to them unduly.

The irony of greed is that the very possessions that a man gathers destroy him. The riches he refuses to share with others deny him enjoyment.

In response, the person thinks gathering more possessions will help him enjoy. Some greedy people don’t know that they are greedy.

If you ever think to yourself that you cannot help others unless you have great possessions, that is a form of greed. We are given the example of Jesus who had didn’t have much possessions but He did good to many.

God has deposited gifts in us that we can use to help others and bring glory to His name. Remember the case of Peter and John with the man at the beautiful gate. The man wanted money but Peter and John had a better gift to offer him.

In Ecclesiastes, we are told that whoever loves money never has money enough. You can never have enough of what you love. The more you love, the more you crave.

Loving earthly possessions is greed. In the end, you will die and leave everything behind. But if you love Jesus, He will give you rest from earthly cravings. And when the time appointed for you to die comes, He will take you into His eternal dwelling.

Why not sacrifice earthly indulgences in exchange for true riches and great glory with Jesus for eternity? Shun greed just as the Bible advocates. It is a wise thing to do.