What does the Bible say about Alcohol?

What does the Bible say about alcohol? The Bible sums up alcoholic drinks when it talks about wine. There may be arguments about the percentage of alcohol in wine but that doesn’t change the stand of the Bible on alcohol.

The Bible lets us know that it is unwise to drink alcohol. Some interpret the word unwise to mean sinful but that is not necessarily the case.

The Bible has taken a figurative approach in addressing alcohol; instead of saying alcohol is outright bad, it tells us the consequences of drinking alcohol and leaves us with the choice of whether to drink it or leave it.

The Bible tells us and we all know that drinking alcohol affects our thinking. No one who is drunk thinks uprightly. The law of God is imprinted in us and it takes our logical thinking to live by it.

When someone is drunk, the person can’t follow God’s law. And breaking God’s law is sin. This is why sometimes drinking alcohol is assumed to be a sin. It always leads to sin anyway.

The Bible advocates for us to be drunk in the Spirit of God and not wine. Getting drunk in the Spirit of God gives the same thrill but without causing us to break God’s law.

Getting drunk in the Spirit takes faith. It is easier, cheaper and yields better returns than getting drunk in alcohol.

Whoever is wise will choose to get drunk in the Spirit over getting drunk with wine.

The story of Jesus changing water into wine often comes up whenever the topic of alcohol in the Bible is brought up.

It is true that Jesus changed water into wine and we have every reason to believe that wine was alcoholic. But how that equates to Jesus recommending getting drunk with wine is often the debate.

It is not recorded to whether Jesus took wine after changing water into wine. Also, Jesus changed water into wine after He was requested. But I choose not to be the judge.

The Bible is clear about what alcohol does to us and its consequences.