What does it mean to be a Witness for Jesus?

To be a witness for Jesus means that you live your life following the teachings of Jesus. By living according to the teachings of Jesus, you witness with your actions that you believe in Him.

Being a witness for Jesus is both done in word and deed. We are asked to speak to all creation about the good news of Jesus. That is a form of witnessing. Our character should also mirror that of Christ for us to be truthful witnesses of Jesus.

Jesus once said that not all who call Him Lord, Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven but only those who do the will of His Father in Heaven.

There are witnesses of Jesus who only witness by their words but their deeds speak contrary. Such are the ones Jesus said He will say to them on the last day He doesn’t know them.

Therefore, to be a witness for Jesus means that you speak about Jesus to others with your actions and words.

Jesus had a lifestyle which His true witnesses are expected to uphold. For instance, Jesus showed compassion to the poor. We too as His witnesses are expected to show compassion to the poor.

Jesus Himself said that if we feed the poor, it is Him that we are feeding, if we clothe them, it is Him we are clothing.

In the end, every aspect of our lives must reflect the compassion and love that Jesus had for us to be considered true witnesses.

Being a witness of Jesus also means we suffer what Jesus suffered. Since the world rejected Jesus, when someone becomes a witness of Jesus, the world rejects them too.

The harsh treatment Jesus endured on earth will face anyone who becomes a witness of Jesus. That is why we are constantly urged to endure hardship as good soldiers of Jesus. In the end we will be crowned with crowns of glory if we don’t give up.