What Does God say About Fathers?

What does God say about fathers?

God is the author of the concept of fatherhood. It is God who ordained that children shall be born to a man and the man shall become their father.

In many instances in the Bible, God gives direction on what He expects fathers to do. I will talk about the different expectations that God has for fathers later in this article.

But I want to begin by mentioning the main reason why God established fatherhood among men. God is a father to all of us.

Jesus taught us to see God as our father. Even when He taught us how to pray, Jesus taught us to start praying by mentioning God as our father.

God wants us to know Him as a father.

Because of this, God established fatherhood among us so that we may easily understand when He says He is our father.

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God ordained fatherhood among us to have similar characteristics to how He is a father to us. He knew that once we have a physical idea of what fatherhood is, it will be easy for us to develop a spiritual idea of fatherhood.

That is the whole purpose of God establishing fatherhood.

God requires all earthly fathers to be fathers in the same order He is a father to all men. The characteristics that God expects all fathers to have are what I want to discuss in this article.

What does God say about Fathers?

1. God wants Fathers to Teach Children His Ways

When children are born, they have zero knowledge. In their state of zero knowledge, they can either learn the ways of God or the ways of the world. And we know the law of God says that the ways that a child is taught while still young, he will not depart from them when he becomes an adult.

God gave the responsibility of teaching children the ways of God to fathers. God expects fathers to know Him and teach their children to know him too.

Fathers are to discipline their children in the upright ways of God. When children stray from the path of life, God expects fathers to bring them back on the right path.

The whole process of instilling discipline in the children should be done with the care and love that God has. As much as God expects fathers to discipline their children, He also expects them to be gentle to their children so that the children don’t hate fathers.

A child who hates the earthly father will also hate the heavenly Father.

The devil knows this and that is why he works hard day and night to influence children to hate their fathers.

In the assignment of John the Baptist, there is the mention of him reconciling children with their fathers. The assignment was to restore the good picture of fatherhood that God intends us to know.

Once you love your earthly father, you won’t struggle to love your heavenly father.

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For all fathers, know that it is your responsibility to teach your children the ways of God. The purpose of God giving you the children you have is that you may teach them about God.

2. Love the Mother of their Children

‘The greatest gift a father can give to his children is to love their mother unconditionally’. I love this quote.

As a father, the mother of your children is there to help you fulfill God’s purpose concerning the children He has given you. You must therefore treat her with all care that a helper deserves.

Children will love you through their mother. Since mothers take care of the physical needs, the children easily fall in love with them.

Children spend a big portion of their time with their mother’s and learn love from their mothers. Whatever the mother approves, the children automatically approve. Whatever the mother hates, the children hate.

By you as a father treating the mother of your children well, she will love you. And because of the love she has for you, your children will love you too.

It is hard for you as a father to receive love from your children if you do not love their mother. Winning the love of your children is designed to be through their mother.

When you discipline your children, they may be tempted to hate you. But if their mother speaks well of you to them, despite the toughness you show them, they will love you.

Therefore, treat the mother of your children with all the love you can. God’s purpose for you as a father involves treating the mother of your children with love.

3. Provide for the Family

God provided a garden for Adam. God made sure that the garden had all the food that Adam needed. Later on, God made a wife for Adam because He saw that it was not good for man to be alone.

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During the journey of the Israelites from Egypt to Canaan, God provided manna for them. The Bible is full of stories of God providing for His children.

Since God wants fathers on earth to portray the heavenly fatherhood, God demands that fathers should provide for their families.

God led the way as our heavenly father by supplying the needs of His children. As an earthy father, God expects you to follow suit.

No member of your household should go hungry. All your children should have food to spare and should all be dressed in fine linen.

The mother of your children should have plenty of resources in the house for her to manage. Her work is to manage what you have provided.

God’s purpose is to teach us that He is a provider through our earthly fathers.

When Jesus was teaching about provision, He asked if there is any earthly father who will give his child a snake if the child asked for fish or give a stone if the child asked for bread.

Then Jesus asked that if our earthly fathers, though sinful, know how to give good gifts, how much more will our heavenly father give us.

Jesus used the earthly fatherhood example to compare it to God’s fatherhood for us to easily understand that God is a good father to us.

Therefore, if you are a father, know that God expects you to provide for your family.

What does God say about Fathers? Conclusion

The purpose of God for fathers is that they may portray His fatherhood over humans. There are many requirements that God has for fathers. All the requirements are aimed at making earthly fathers similar to our heavenly Father.

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Once earthly fathers are aligned with God’s purpose, it will be easy to convince people that God is a good father.

It is easier for us to believe God is a good father once we know what being a good father means from our earthly fathers.

If you are a father and you are reading this, strive to be like our heavenly Father.

May God help you!