What does Chasing after the Wind in Ecclesiastes Mean?

Chasing after the wind; this is a phrase you will come across a number of times when you read the book of Ecclesiastes. The wisdom behind this phrase is profound.

Understanding the truth behind the phrase to chase after the wind will save you a lifetime of struggle.

So, what does chasing after the wind in Ecclesiastes mean?

Literally speaking, chasing after the wind is pointless. Only a fool can embark on such an endeavor. Wind is invisible, how do you start chasing it? No matter how hard someone chases after the wind, they can never catch it.

And that is the point that the author of Ecclesiastes wants to pass across. The activities in life can easily turn into a chasing after the wind.

Some activities are outright a chasing after the wind while others only turn into a chasing after the wind when approached from a wrong perspective.

The world we live in has problems of all kind. Trying to solve these problems becomes a chasing after the wind if we try to eradicate them. These problems in the world were introduced by God through the curses He pronounced when Adam and Eve disobeyed Him.

While God loves us, He lets us live in these problems so that we know that we sinned against Him. The purpose of the pain and struggle of this world is to push us to humble ourselves before God.

If we humble ourselves before God, He gives us rest through His Son Jesus. But if we harden our hearts and embark on eradicating the struggles of life, it becomes a chasing after the wind. No matter how hard we try, the problems won’t end.

Therefore, as a wise person, focus on seeking God that He may give you rest rather than trying to attain rest by solving life problems.

That is how you avoid chasing after the wind.