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Walking in God’s Will Without Stumbling: How to do it

Walking in God’s Will is required for every child of God. But walking in God’s Will has its own challenges. At one time, you may effortlessly follow the Will of God but then time comes when you feel like giving up.

It takes great effort to walk faithfully in the Will of God. Falling in and out of God’s Will is annoying to God.

Jesus addressed the seventh Church in the book of revelations who had a problem of being neither hot nor cold. As children of God, we are required to be in God’s Will at all times.

Falling out of God’s Will from time to time angers Him and as it is written, God spews such kind of people out of His mouth.

In this article, I have come up with guidelines that will help you walk in God’s Will all the days of your life without stumbling.

Before I go further, let me help you get the right picture of what God’s Will is.

What is God’s Will?

Before you start learning how you can Walk in God’s Will all your days, it is important to understand what God’s Will is. If you don’t understand what God’s Will is, how will you live according to it?

God’s Will is Wide

The Will of God is wide. It covers all the aspects of human life and beyond. From minor to major decisions, the Will of God applies.

Some aspects of the Will of God are like a straight line that you must walk on it.

For example, it is God’s Will that all men be saved. For a man to be saved, he must believe in Jesus Christ. There is no other way for a man to be saved other than to believe in Jesus Christ.

This is an example of a straight line perspective in God’s Will.

Other aspects of the Will of God are grey scale. By grey scale I mean there is no black and white, right and wrong, good or bad approach.

In such aspects of the Will of God, the love that you have for God determines how much you will do for God.

It is through this scale that God rewards His servants. Jesus loved God more than any man who has ever lived on earth. Because of that, God exalted Him above all men.

For grey scale aspects of the Will of God, we are encouraged to sacrifice our fleshly desires to please God.

When a young man is looking for a wife, God can advise the young man on the best girl to marry. But the young man must be willing to listen to God.

The willingness of the young man to listen to God depends on the depth of the love he has for God. This is an example of a grey scale aspect in God’s Will.

Walking in God’s Will

Now that you understand that God’s Will has two aspects; the straight line aspect and the grey scale aspect, it will be easier to understand walking in God’s Will.

When walking in God’s Will is mentioned, we tend to think of it as a straight line. But that is only one aspect.

For you to be walking in God’s Will, you must be perfectly walking in the straight line when it comes to the straight line aspects of the Will of God. You must have believed in God the father, His Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit but not any other gods.

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You must be praying, reading the Bible and doing what it commands and so on.

When it comes to grey scale aspects of God’s Will, what matters is the love that you have for God. Since the grey scale has no definite end, you are required to be improving daily in your love and dedication to God.

For you to be walking in God’s Will in the grey scale aspects, you must be growing. We are encouraged to grow in the knowledge of God.

Provided you are growing in the knowledge of God through reading the Word, attending fellowships, serving in the house of God and so on, you are in God’s Will pertaining the grey scale aspects.

Here are the guidelines for walking in God’s Will:

Set Basic Activities for Walking in the Will of God

Since it is the Will of God for us to be continually growing in the knowledge of Him, it is wise to set a routine that will help you grow in the knowledge of God continually.

This is why we normally have church services every week. Come up with your own routine that will be the backbone of your growth.

In your routine, come up with a specific strategy that will help you grow in prayer and in the knowledge of God.

Some may prefer to primarily be listening to sermons as their way of learning more about God. Others may prefer to be reading blogs to gain more knowledge about God.

Whatever avenue you pick as your main source of learning about God, make sure you stick to it. In the end, you will be considered to be walking in God’s Will if you are growing in the knowledge of God.

Set a Prayer Schedule

When you are setting your routine, come up with a prayer strategy that is suitable for you. Some people prefer to pray in the evening. Others prefer to pray in the morning. Some may want to pray one long prayer once in a day while others may want short prayers scattered throughout the day.

Whatever style suits you, go for it and stick to it. Have a mix of cooperate and individual prayer based on your liking.

The most important thing is that you have a prayer schedule that helps you grow in God. We are told in the book of Daniel that it was his custom to pray three times a day facing Jerusalem.

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Daniel was sold out to his schedule to the point that He would even defy the Kings command just to keep his prayer schedule. That is the kind of commitment that will bring you results.

Consult your Leaders in the Faith

Some aspects of the Will of God may be foreign to you. This is why God established fellowships. Through the fellowships, we are to help one another walk in God’s Will.

Especially for grey scale aspects of the Will of God, having leaders in the faith to guide you will save you a lot of trouble.

Each of us has unique situations. These unique situations may be difficult to tell whether they are in God’s Will or not.

For such situations, it is wise to consult with the spiritual leaders God has given you. Do not be wise in your own eyes.

If you want to make decisions in your marriage but you are not sure whether they are in God’s Will or not, consult with the servant of God who joined you in marriage.

If you want to know where to live according to God’s Will, you can read articles like this one to know where God wants you to live.

Walking in God’s Will without stumbling is a collection of different activities. You need understanding to walk in God’s Will.

By following the simple guidelines outlined above, walking in the Will of God should no longer be tough for you.

All the best!