Types of Blogs on the Internet and their classification

There are three classifications of blogs on the internet. In each of the classification, there are two types of blogs.

For every blog that exists on the internet, it falls in one of the types in each classification. This article will explain each of the types of blogs according to the three classifications.

If you want to start your own blog, use this classification of blogs to determine which blog is best for you to start.

Each type of a blog has its advantages and disadvantages. Some are suited for you others are not. Some are good in the short term others are good in the long run.

How Types of Blogs are Classified

Blogs are classified according to their purpose, their publishing schedule and their ownership. It is from these three classifications that we derive the types of blogs on the internet.

Since all blogs have a purpose, a publishing schedule and an owner, they fall in all the three classifications. The difference is that in each classification, a blog will be of one type or the other.

Types of Blogs according to Purpose

When it comes to the purpose there are two types of blogs: Entertainment blogs and Educational blogs.

Entertainment Blogs

Entertainment blogs have content that is primarily meant to entertain its readers. These are blogs that give information which cannot be applied anywhere.

Celebrity gossip blogs are the most common entertainment type blogs. These blogs spy on celebrities and inform their followers the drama that is unfolding.

Entertainment blogs can be in any niche. We have entertainment blogs that talk about cars. These can be blogs that inform their readers about how different cars perform in an off-road challenge, drag race etc.

In the fashion niche, entertainment blogs can talk about the fashion of celebrities, political leaders and other prominent people.

Some entertainment blogs in the fashion niche are focused on pointing out wardrobe malfunctions. They target prominent people who had a bad day in terms of their fashion.

Educational Blogs

Educational blogs target to educate their readers concerning a given aspect. Most educational blogs are called niche blogs.

These are blogs that pick a small topic and teach their readers about that topic. In most cases, the entire content on such blogs addresses a single topic.

There are educational blogs that teach readers how to play a piano. All the content on such blogs is aimed at teaching readers to be good at playing a piano.

There are all sorts of blogs that teach about the weirdest things you can imagine. I once came across a blog that teaches readers how to plant succulents in their houses.

I have also encountered many blogs that teach readers how to make money online. Some teach blogging, others teach how to start freelance writing and many other ways of making money.

Types of Blogs according to Publishing Schedule

Both educational and entertainment blogs have a publishing schedule. Some publish on a daily basis while others publish on a monthly basis.

The two types of blogs according to the publishing schedule are news blogs and informational blogs. The big difference between them is the period within which their content is relevant.

News Blogs

News blogs publish when there is something new to report. Readers of news blogs go to the blog to find new information they have not heard before.

News blogs popularly talk about politics, sports and celebrities. However, there are news blogs in virtually every niche.

In the technology niche, there are news blogs that are dedicated to announcing new gadgets, new discoveries, the performance of technology companies etc.

The content of news websites usually has a short life span. An article that is published on a news blog will have no relevance after a few days, weeks or months.

Informational Blogs

Informational blogs publish evergreen content. Such content can remain relevant for the entire lifetime of the blog.

Because of the evergreen nature of the content on informational blogs, there is no need to have a fixed publishing schedule.

Informational blogs can publish one hundred articles in a week and not publish anything else for several months.

Since the content cannot lose relevance, visitors who come to the blog don’t care about when it was published. Most niche blogs are informational.

The skill of playing a guitar is the same regardless of the year we are in. If a blogger wrote a guide, it will remain relevant many years to come.

Types of Blogs according to Ownership

Blogs are either owned by individuals or companies. Blogs owned by individuals are often called personal blogs though others understand personal blogs as blogs that talk about the life of their owner.

Blogs owned by companies are called professional blogs or business blogs.

Personal Blogs

Personal blogs are created and run by one person. The individual owner can hire a few people to help him out in some areas but he has full control of the blog.

Some personal blogs talk about the life of the owner but others talk about general topics. However, it is important to mention that personal blogs have the viewpoint of the owner.

An example of a personal blog is a Christian blog. If the owner of a blog is a devout Christian and decides to write about his viewpoint on Christianity, that becomes a personal blog.

There are personal blogs of all sorts. Travel blogs can be personal if the blog is run by one person who talks about his travel adventures.

A blog can be both educational and personal. You can write a guide to teach your readers how to fry chicken in your unique way. There are hundreds of guides on how to fry chicken on the internet but it is your uniqueness that will attract readers to your personal blog.

In most cases, the content on personal blogs is written by the owner. A personal blog can also have the name of the owner as its name.

Business Blogs

Business blogs are owned by companies. These blogs are often a means for companies to advertise themselves and explain their business model.

Business blogs have professional content. Unlike personal blogs, professional blogs don’t give the opinion of the writer.

A blog that belongs to a news agency will publish articles that have been edited to make sure the content is as neutral as it can be. The writer of the article may not share the same opinion but he has to write what he is told to write.

Business blogs often have multiple writers and editors.

Most news blogs are cooperate blogs. But there are professional blogs that talk about other topics. An example of a professional blog is a medical blog like webmd. It talks about human health but it has multiple professionals writing the articles.

Another popular professional blog is wikihow. It answers ‘how to’ questions on virtually every topic. It obviously has multiple writers and editors.


Those are the different types of blogs that exist on the internet. Every blog is going to be of one type or the other based on the three classifications.

If you want to start a blog, you can pick the type of blog you want based on the classifications.

Some blogs begin as a certain type and then overtime evolve into a different type. A blogger may start writing alone on the blog and then end up hiring other writers to create a professional blog.

Whichever angle you pick, if a blog satisfies your needs, go for it!

All the best!