This is Why I Dropped Out of College [My Story]

Augustine NyongesaI never thought I could drop out of college. My performance in high school was great. But I am writing this article because I dropped out of university.

In August 2016, I joined Kenyatta University. I had been approved to pursue a bachelors’ degree in Economics and Finance. Like many other young people, I was not sure of what I wanted.

Before settling on Economics, I had thought of doing Information technology. Unfortunately, I did not meet the cut off points to do IT.

I had also considered doing any type of Engineering. Likewise, I did not meet the qualifications. As I have said before, I was not sure about what I wanted.

In the end, I picked Economics and Finance after discussing with my Dad. Despite settling for economics, I had one big concern.

In high school, I had not done any subject related to economics. Worry was getting the best of me. But I gave myself confidence by my impressive performance in high school.

August 2016 came. I joined college. After a few weeks in class, I started feeling out of place. Everything in me hated going to class.

I missed many classes for no reason. We did a few tests and the results showed just how fade up I was. I remember in my first test I got one mark out of fifteen. That was a huge blow to my performance record.

Other exams came but the story was the same. Mediocre results. I tried to motivate myself to read but nothing seemed to work.

The downward spiral made me analyze my life. I began asking myself hard questions. Will I ever graduate? What will become of me after four years?

Am I the only one stuck? Most of my classmates seemed to have a good time. They had frequent group discussions. I missed many of them.

I remember one particular time I went for a discussion and I remained silent the whole time. Then one of my friends asked me to say something.

I couldn’t say anything. The shame that I felt that day propelled me to think of a solution to my problem. The first semester came to an end soon afterwards.

At that point, I had not shared with anyone my struggles. I thought it was a common problem of coping with a new environment.

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I went back to college for the second semester a month later. Nothing improved. In fact, things got worse. I had already failed two units out of the six units I did in my first semester.

That meant I could only do five units in the second semester instead of six. With the same struggles going on, I kept posting terrible results.

The more the results went south, the more I hated attending classes. I was barely showing up in class. Everything reflected just how disinterested I was.

Eventually the second semester came to an end. It was clear to me that something urgent had to be done. I felt I was wasting money and time by being in college.

When the results of the second semester came out, I had failed two units again. Out of the five units, I failed two.

In my first year in college, out of the twelve units I was to do, I had only completed seven. What of the second year? Will things get any better? Is there need for me to be here?

I had so many questions running in my mind. In September of 2017, when my classmates reported for the first semester of their second year, I did not report.

In my mind, I had planned to change my course. I wanted to pursue something else that would be fairer to me. However, my whole being hated the college environment.

After a very stressful period, I decided to take a break from college to figure out my life. I have never gone back ever since.

Reasons Why I Dropped Out of University

The Time and Money Factor

I was paying a lot of money to be in college. It felt to me like a waste of money. Why should I pay for things I am not interested in at all?

Sometimes I would see how my Dad struggled to raise money. I felt sad that I was wasting that money.

The other factor is time. I didn’t see why I needed to spend four years doing something I did not like. I was even not sure if I would complete the course in four years.

Four years is a lot of time. We only have one chance in this life. Once time is wasted, it can never be recovered.

I saw it was better for me to spend four years trying to find something I was passionate about than wasting it doing stupid things that I didn’t like.

Most of my friends advised me to change my course but I was not in the right state of mind to go back to class. I hated lectures with a passion.

How do you sit down for two hours to listen to a grey haired man babbling some useless theories you don’t care about? The theories may be helpful for some people but not me please.

For twelve years I had tolerated so much nonsense. I had forced myself to get good grades and my heart was tired.

I was tired of people telling me how to be a faithful slave. I didn’t care about what they were teaching. I came across a certain YouTuber called Alex Backer.

I liked how he hated college. Watch that video. I will embed it at the end of this post.

I didn’t like Being Told What to do

I am not a psychologist but I believe smart people hate being given instructions. I know I am a smart person. I know I need knowledge to survive but I don’t want someone dictating to me how I should go about it.

I prefer learning from the internet because teachers on the internet don’t force you. If someone teaches me how to create a blog, they won’t care so much whether I start one or not.

No one is going to give warnings to you if you are learning from the internet. You won’t be rated by some letters after writing trash on some stupid questions.

If you create a good product, people will buy it regardless of who you are. Are you not reading this blog that belongs to a college dropout? You seem to be enjoying it if you have read this far.

I am sure this blog is better than many blogs done by college graduates. They are busy advertising their qualifications instead of grinding.

This world needs people who grind regardless of their qualifications.

I Wanted Time for Myself

As I have mentioned before, I had been in submission since childhood. People making decisions for me left, right and center.

I wanted to make my own decisions. Am I not a human being by myself? I had never figured out my life. Nobody gave me space to plan out my life.

I was not going to allow the slavery to continue. Some people told me to tolerate for the four years then after that I would do what I want.

But then I remembered I had been told the same in high school. To just tolerate for four years and afterwards I would have freedom in college.

Those cycles I knew them well. I fought for my freedom and I am enjoying it now.

I preferred to learn from Experts

In one of the lectures, the lecturer said he doesn’t care whether we understand or not. He said he will still earn his salary at the end of the month.

And to add to the insult, he said he will be ready to teach us again if we failed because that will mean more money for him.

Those words hit me hard. I realized some lecturers don’t care at all. They are entitled to salaries regardless of how they teach.

I preferred a system where someone is paid for the work he has done. That is why I ended up loving teachers on the internet.

If someone’s course is not helpful, he knows you will write a review to discourage others from taking it. So he makes a very helpful course.

You can ask for a refund if you don’t like a course on the internet. But in college, money once paid cannot be refunded.

I saw it better to learn using the internet approach. Another important thing is that on the internet, I choose whom I want to learn from.

If I want to create a six figure business, I will choose to learn from someone who has created a six figure business.

In college, you may be given losers who are in debt to teach you. They then transfer their debt mindset to you without your knowledge. You have no choice.

I wanted to get the full measure of the consequences of my Decisions

When I was in college, I didn’t know how terrible my skills were. I was praised as long as I posted a good grade.

However, in the real world, skills matter a lot. I wanted to test my skills and see how I perform in the real world.

I was tired of the theories and calculations. To gain that level of control, I had to leave college.

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Parting Shot

These are my main reasons that led me to drop out of college. I don’t expect people to come and push their opinions on me.

I am living the life I chose for myself. In case you have similar reasons and you want to drop out of college, make your own decision.

I won’t tell you what to do lest you blame me if things go wrong later on. Dropping out of college was not a straightforward thing as I may have portrayed in this article.

I doubted my reasons many times. I still doubt my reasons for dropping out of college even today although it is on a very small scale.

Anyway, you have your life and you must make your own decisions. In the end you will be left all alone. Don’t follow my example unless you are ready for the consequences.

Staying in college has its own benefits. Decide what is best on your own. All the best!

15 thoughts on “This is Why I Dropped Out of College [My Story]”

  1. “If you create a good product, people will buy it regardless of who you are. Are you not reading this blog that belongs to a college dropout? You seem to be enjoying it if you have read this far.”

    I like this part..

    Your articles are very interesting

  2. Congratulations Brother! I remember when I used to guide you on BAC and EAE. When we used to stay Nyayo 2, Room 264 with Victor Maingi. When you used to ride bikes to Kahawa, when you used to go for a prayer at KICC. Your were really my best friend, room mate, and course mate indeed. I like the way you achieved even this article writing industry. I have read through your article, it is really amazing with facts. That Dr. Kurui and others they used to say, such kind of responses. “Oh! I will receive my salary”….. Work hard when I will be back to Kenya from Australia, Sydney, I will hola you brother.

    • Thanks Paul. Glad to hear you are in Australia. I appreciate the effort you made in helping me even though I ended up quitting. God bless you!

  3. Such a great article. The courage, confidence for someone to make a decision as yours is not easy bro.
    Best of wishes in everything you do.

  4. I love liberal individuals. The courage to decide and follow your conviction without faltering is admirable.

    Lemme also give my little analogy. Back in the slumbering hamlet there were two young men. One totally talented in academics and the other one always holding the tail of the class. The academically gifted gentleman is currently in the university pursuing a course and hoping to get some white color job. He cant afford to pay any of his bills currently. His counterpart back in the village dropped out after grade eight. Currently he has bought a piece of land, built a house, running a lucrative and very successful business and has a beautiful wife and two adorable children.
    Let us learn to appreciate all and support their decisions.
    Augustine, I wish you nothing but success and good tidings in all your endeavours. So long brother….. .

    • Thanks Martin. Such comments keep me going. It is not easy to be a liberal without one or two people who support you.

  5. Wow… Really good read. You have a way with words.I like this part..

    “I wanted to make my own decisions. Am I not a human being by myself? I had never figured out my life. Nobody gave me space to plan out my life.”


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