What I Miss about My Mom who Passed Away

There is a lot I miss about my mom who passed away.

When you lose your mom, you assume that everything will be forgotten once she is buried. After her funeral, you realize that there is more pain after she is buried than when you had her dead body lying in the morgue.

Months after your mom’s death, you notice that you still miss your mom every single day.

You think you have gotten over the death of your mom but then something happens that triggers all your emotions and brings you back to the grief you thought you were done with.

Years later, the temporary emotions of missing your mom who passed away give way to long subtle pain of missing your late mother.

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Instead of missing your mom after a specific occurrence, you constantly miss your mom day after day.

Today, I want to explore three main things you miss after your mom passes away. I hope this article will offer comfort to you.

What you Miss about your Mom who Passed Away

1. Attention from your Mom

Is there any other person in our lives who cares about us more than our mother? From the time we are conceived, our mothers are constantly watching over us.

We spend every second of our lives with them from the time they conceive us until we are born. We eat what they eat and get all supplies from them.

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Our mothers think of us everywhere they go. They observe a diet to help us grow healthy even before we are born.

That is how much attention mothers give to us.

After we are born, mom is there to feed us with her milk. For the next six months, we don’t eat anything else but what Mom gives to us.

Even after we start eating other food, it is still mom who prepares it for us.

The level of attention that we get from mothers is great.

The attention from mom never stops even after we grow up. Our mothers constantly warn us against what is harmful to us. They teach us what is good.

They watch every step that we make to ensure we are heading in the right direction.

After losing your mother, all of the great attention she used to show you disappears. You realize that other people care about you because they expect something in return.

It is only at that moment that you realize how much your mother loved you.

Whenever anything went wrong on your side, your mom would leave what she was doing to take care of you. After her loss, things go wrong but nobody takes notice.

You get in a bad mood but few people care to ask you why you are in a bad mood.

The loss of attention from your mother after she dies is one of the major things you will have to battle with.

You will have to learn to walk on your own and handle majority of your struggles without the warm hands of mom.

Sad but true.

2. Childhood Memories

Your mother knew you from the time she conceived you; she has details about your early life. When she was still alive, she would randomly remind you of the interesting things you used to do when you were a child.

She would joke about how you would spit food when you were full and how you would smile when you saw her coming to pick you up.

Your mom was the only person who had that information. When you needed to know anything from your childhood, your mom was available to tell you.

After her death, you are left with mysteries. Your childhood becomes a memory you can’t enjoy. You know you were once a child but you can’t specify what you were doing.

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The only memory you have is of the few notable things that stuck with you into adulthood.

Childhood memories are a crucial part of our lives. From the memories of our childhood, we can determine what we need to do to make our futures brighter.

Without our Mom telling us what we were doing when we were kids, it makes it hard for us to shape our future.

Losing a mother robs you of the important childhood information. Sometimes we want to hear our childhood stories for fun. Other times we want to hear them to determine the cause of our present situations.

Long after your mother dies, you will have questions about your childhood but you won’t have anyone to answer them.

The sad reality will make you miss your mother every day.

The longer you live without your mother, the more childhood questions you develop and the more childhood questions you develop, the more you miss your mom.

3. Mom’s Opinion on Issues

Because you loved your mother so much, it was interesting listening to her take on issues. You would listen to her talk about life, marriage, spirituality and other topics.

When you didn’t have your own opinion, you would use your mother’s opinion.

Many of the unknowns in your life would all be given to Mom to make them known to you. When you wanted to make serious decisions at every stage of your life, you would go to her.

You trusted whatever she told you because you knew she told you everything out of love.

After you lost her, you lost your most treasured source of opinions. Many times you pushed yourself to do what Mom wanted you to do out of the love you had for her.

But years after your mom died, you don’t know what her opinion over the current issues you are facing would be.

It becomes difficult for you to do things to please your mother whom you loved.

You get to moments in your life that you really desire that your mom would have a say on what is best for you but deep down you know that it is impossible.

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The longer you live without your mother, the more the questions you would ask her pile up. These questions make you miss her every day.

Making life decisions without your Mom’s input makes you miss your Mom who is in heaven.

What you Miss about your Mom who Passed Away: Conclusion

Life without your mother is tough. Many occurrences make you miss your mom. With each passing day, you get one more thing that you would love your mother to know.

The thought of having to live with the longing for your Mom for the rest of your life haunts you.

But the reality is that you will live without your Mom for the rest of your life.

Take comfort in the fact that you are not alone. Many are in the same situation you are in. Many more get into it every day.

That is how life is. What can we do?