Therapy after Losing Mom|Recovering after losing Mom

Therapy after losing mom is important. Losing a mother brings psychological pain. Without proper therapy, the loss of your mom can cripple your psychology for life.

Recovering from the loss of your mother is like any other psychological problem that needs proper care.

Is it a must for someone to go to a therapist after losing their mom for them to recover fully?

The most important thing after the loss of your mom is for you to have the right knowledge of what you are going through and how to successfully recover.

Since most people do not have the knowledge that grief therapists have, it is advised to get one to help you in the recovery journey.

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How effective is therapy after losing mom? Does someone who sees a therapist after the loss of his mother show any difference in how quick he recovers compared to someone who does not?

That is what I want to talk about for the remaining part of this article.

Therapy after Losing Mom

Seeing a Therapist

I am not a trained therapist. I gained the knowledge of a therapist after visiting a therapist when my mom died. My mother passed on when I was a teenager.  I didn’t know much as a teenager.

When I returned to school after the death of my mother, I made sure to have sessions with the guidance and counseling mistress.

My emotional state was poor. On several occasions, I went to the counseling room and cried without saying a word. I thought I was going mad.

The disorientation that the loss of my mom caused in my mind was severe. That is what made me strongly believe that everyone who loses a mother needs to see a therapist.

To an average person, the work of a therapist is nothing more than to say a few motivational lines and collect huge sums of money.

Even though that is what seeing a therapist looks like from the outside, the reality is different. Therapists are like your mattress; they support you when you are out of your mind.

When you go for therapy after losing mom, you are basically hiring someone to think for you until you get back to your senses.

A big part of the therapist’s work is to watch how you are progressing and steer you clear of any disastrous mental mistakes.

Pity Party after Losing Mom

One of the most important services that therapists offer when you have lost your mother is preventing you from having pity parties.

There is a thin line between grieving the loss of your mom and having a pity party. Genuine grief and pity party look the same to the average person. It takes a skilled grief therapist to know when the grief is turning into a pity party.

Therapists encourage people to mourn when they lose loved ones. But if the mourning is not properly managed, it can easily become a pity party that cripples someone.

After losing a mother, sometimes it feels as if you will never recover. Some people do fall into depression after losing their mother.

Lacking proper knowledge of how to mourn your mother is what leads to most of these unfortunate situations.

A therapist will help you steer clear of paralyzing yourself with a pity party after losing your mother.

Therapists Offer a Listening Ear

After losing my mother, I was constantly thinking about her. With my mind bent on thinking about my late mother, all I could talk about was her.

But most of my friends didn’t have the patience to listen to me talking about my late mom all the time. Though they would not tell me to stop, they showed they were displeased in their demeanor.

After a while, they never wanted to hear me talk about my late mom. They expected me to have moved on from the death of my mother.

But in reality, the grieving process takes time.

Thankfully, I had a therapist who continued listening to me talking about how much I missed my mom several months after her death.

The therapist would gently steer me from dwelling on the loss of my mom but at the same time she listened when I talked about my late mom.

If you have a strong urge to talk about your mother after her death, getting a therapist will give you someone who will tolerate listening to your talk about the same thing over and over.

Listening is not easy. Listening to one person talk about the same thing repeatedly is hard. It is expected for a therapist to have more patience than your friend because she is trained and you are paying her.

That is why I strongly recommend you get a therapist to talk to after losing your mother.

The Effectiveness of Therapy after Losing Mom

I don’t know what would have happened had I not had therapy sessions after losing my mom.

Her service was crucial in helping me heal. Though there are other issues related to my mom’s death that I dealt with without her, she laid a good foundation for me.

She was there for the first critical months after my mom’s death.

From my experience, getting a therapist to help you recover from the loss of your mother helps you heal faster.

A therapist helps you offload most of the baggage that you pick up after the loss of your mother. Even if you won’t spend much time with the therapist, it is good to have one in the first few weeks after your mom’s death.

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Let a grief therapist help you lay a solid foundation for recovery. Once you have a solid foundation, you can figure out the rest of the healing process on your own.

Therapy in God after Losing Mom

Apart from hiring a therapist, faith in God also helps you heal after losing your mother. There are many attributes that mothers have that no other person has.

Once you lose your mother, you can only find her attributes if you keep in touch with God. There is peace and comfort in God.

Therefore, give yourself to God’s service and pursue intimacy with Him. God understands us more than anyone else.

No matter how much pain you go through, God knows where to touch to comfort you. Before you know it, God will completely fill the void that your mother left.

You may have thought you will never again experience true love after your mother died but God provides the purest love that no man can provide. God has the best therapy after losing mom.

May God help you in the healing journey! It takes time to heal. Be patient.

God bless you!