The Spirit of Mammon: What you Need to Know

I asked God what He wanted me to write about and He asked me to write to believers to guard against the Spirit of Mammon. In this age, there is no denying that the spirit that has misled the largest number of people is the spirit of mammon.

When Jesus was teaching about the inability of man to serve two masters, He mentioned that you either serve God or Mammon. But why Mammon?

The Bible in Ecclesiastes 10:19 states that money answers all things. That is true from a physical perspective. Knowing that money answers all things, men began seeking to have as much money as they could.

Then the deceiver found a lucrative tool to use to lure many people into worshipping him. As of today, there are unlimited schemes in which the spirit of mammon deceives believers.

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But God has called us out of the world. That means that we should never be subject to this spirit of mammon.

How the Spirit of Mammon Works

In our world today, there are quotes such as ‘Money makes the world go round.’ Such statements glorify money. Once people learn of the power of money, they invest their time seeking to have it.

That is when the devil comes in with evil ideas of getting money. This is what Paul calls the desire to be rich which plunges many into foolish and harmful activities.

The spirit of mammon has control over money gained by evil means. Once the spirit gets hold of someone, it gives him an unnatural desire to get a lot of money.

In the end, the person dedicates his entire life seeking more money. Some are deceived to kill others just to get money. Don’t you hear of wives who kill their husbands so that they get inheritance?

Children kill their parents to take over companies. Many people give bribes to get promotions and win tenders. All those dealings are sponsored by the spirit of mammon.

Young people are obsessed with getting rich until some fall into depression. Others are hospitalized because of too much anxiety all in the name of getting rich.

As if that is not enough, the spirit of mammon still deceives those who are already rich to guard their money with all their strength. They kill anyone who threatens to expose their evil ways of making money.

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As a believer, God has called you to serve Him alone. You have to submit yourself to Him to a level where money can’t corrupt you.

Prophet Elisha, after healing Naaman’s leprosy, was offered gifts but he refused them. When Gehazi secretly went to pick them, he became leprous. Possessions carry spirits.

Others who strain throughout their lives to get money realize that it is all vanity when it is too late. The good life they thought they would have by having a lot of money is certainly not any good.

They feel so wasted and hopeless. Celebrities struggle with mental health because of the pressure on them to have a lot of money. Jesus said life does not consist in the abundance of possessions (Luke 12:15).

The devil has deceived many with the idea that life is only good when you have money. The truth is that life is good when the Lord directs your path.

The Lord gives wealth and adds no sorrow to it (Proverbs 10:22). The ability to enjoy wealth is a gift from God. Having wealth and enjoying it are two different things.

Therefore, seek to find enjoyment in God regardless of whether you have a lot or little money. Has God not said the sleep of a laborer is sweet whether he eats little or much?

Why then do you worry about what you shall eat or drink? God also warns believers against seeking bread of anxious toil. In the plan of God, no one is supposed to work for food.

That was a curse upon Adam but in Christ, we have been set free from it. In this new dispensation, God gives us favor in the eyes of kings and those kings shower us with all the delicacies.

The only work required of us is to walk in God’s will and fulfill His purpose. God has called some to be carpenters on top of serving Him as it was for Jesus.

Others are called to be tent makers on top of serving God like Paul. But still for others, God wants them to focus entirely on serving Him like the fishermen that Jesus called to be fishers of men.

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It is therefore important for you to know what God wants you to do so that you will not waste time catching fish when you are called to be a fisher of men.

If you have been called to full time ministry, doing business or seeking employment won’t work for you no matter how hard you try.

Parting Shot

The area of finances is critical in our lives. A little error can cause us to plunge into destruction head over heels.

But God has given us His spirit to guide us on what He requires of us. We will only beat the spirit of mammon if we submit to the Holy Spirit.

Let us not be like the rich fool who put his confidence in his abundance and forgot about his own life. What after all does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul?

As a believer, align your finances with God. It is pointless to chase after money. Repent if you have allowed money to be your idol and let God direct you.

You are precious in the eyes of God.

Be blessed!