Why should we Evangelize?|The Importance of Evangelism

Why should we evangelize and why is evangelism important? Jesus gave the command for all believers to reach out to all the nations with the gospel.

The command, which has come to be known as the great commission, involves all that believe in Jesus. Evangelism is at the center of faith in Jesus.

There are key reasons why evangelism stands out in all the commands that Jesus gave to His disciples. Once you understand these reasons, you will have a stronger reason why you should evangelize.

The Importance of Evangelism

1. We Should Evangelize to Fulfill the Command of Jesus

When Jesus was leaving, He left us the command to reach out to others with the good news of salvation. Jesus is the fulfillment of the law that we could not perfectly keep.

Since our salvation is entirely dependent on Jesus, it makes sense for us to obey Him. If we claim to love Jesus, we are asked to keep His commands. One of His commands is that we evangelize to others.

When Jesus summarized the laws of Moses, He instructed us to love the Lord our God with all our hearts, our souls and our strength and our neighbors as ourselves.

It takes understanding to know how to fulfill the last part of the summary of the Law of Moses that Jesus gave us; love your neighbor as yourself.

There is no greater way to show love to your neighbor other than to evangelize to them. You can give your neighbors supplies if they lack them, build them a house if they have none but if you don’t share the gospel of Jesus with them, you don’t love them.

The greatest gift you can give to your neighbor that will show God that you truly love your neighbor is by sharing the good news of salvation with him.

Evangelizing to your neighbor will save his soul. What will your neighbor profit if he gains supplies from you but after his death he ends up in hell?

Evangelism is important in the sense that it is at the center of fulfilling the command for us to love our neighbors as ourselves.

If we evangelize and win people to Christ, not only do we keep His command for us to love our neighbors as ourselves but also to go out and preach the gospel to all nations of the earth baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

2. We Should Evangelize to Emulate Christ

God has called us to copy the lifestyle of Jesus. Evangelism was a big part of the life of Jesus. We read of the many people He reached out to with good news.

Throughout His life, He showed His love for man in diverse ways. Likewise, we are to show love to others as a way of copying what Jesus did.

We should evangelize just as Jesus did. Though we may use different approaches in our evangelism, the end goal should be to let others experience the love of Jesus.

Evangelism is important in helping us walk in the footsteps of Jesus. Anytime we reach out to someone with the gospel, we please God because we are emulating Jesus.

Benefits of Emulating Jesus

When we evangelize as a way of copying the lifestyle of Jesus, we please God the same way Jesus pleased Him. God was pleased with Jesus so much that during His transfiguration He spoke out testifying that Jesus was His Son whom He loved and asked those who heard His voice to listen to Him.

For us to enjoy that level of attention from God, we need to evangelize. God testified about Jesus when He was on His mission to save us.

Likewise, God will testify about us when we are on a mission to save our friends and neighbors. Who doesn’t want acknowledgement from God?

The more someone copies Jesus, the longer their name survives on earth. In the Old Testament, one of the curses was wiping away the name of a person from the earth.

It is great honor for your name to be remembered under the sun. If you are careful, you know that most people who are remembered today are closely associated with Jesus.

Apostle Paul who evangelized to gentiles is vividly remembered today for the zeal he had for Christ.

Evangelism is important as it will make our names endure on earth long after we are gone. And as people remember our names and praise God for them, God will add more glory to us in heaven.

3. We Should Evangelize to Find Fulfillment

God was wise when He concealed fulfillment in the act of serving others. Nobody can find fulfillment in life unless he evangelizes to others.

The more committed someone is in evangelizing to others, the greater the fulfillment he experiences in his life. With this, we come to see how important evangelism is in our lives.

Since evangelizing is the greatest gift you can give to your neighbor, it brings great fulfillment. God gives us fulfillment as part of the reward for evangelizing to others.

Without evangelism, how else would we find fulfillment from God? Evangelism is important.

Many people of the world struggle to find fulfillment in life because their lives are consumed in the pursuit of money. They never evangelize to others.

In the end, they gather a lot of money but they can’t find fulfillment. God denies them an opportunity to enjoy the wealth they gather.

Why Evangelism is Important: Conclusion

Evangelism is important in that it helps us fulfill the commands of our Lord Jesus Christ. By fulfilling the commands of Jesus, we please God who then showers us with many blessings.

There is no limit to the blessings that God pours out to someone who saves the soul of his neighbor. Just as Jesus was exalted above all in Heaven and on Earth for winning the hearts of men back to God, God exalts those who win the hearts of their friends, family and neighbors back to Him.

That is why we should evangelize at all costs. No matter how inconvenient in may be, we must put in effort to reach out to others.

All the best!