How to be Successful without College

Who said you can’t be successful without college? Such a person is yet to know what it means to live in the 21st century.

This is not an era where you have to be certified to make money. You can be successful without college.

Gone are the days when survival depended on your hunting skills.

In those days, living in groups was the life line. Then came the era of civilization where worshipping the king was the life line. The kingdom you were born in determined how successful or unsuccessful you became.

Life evolved and the industrial era rolled in. In the industrial era, your success depended on your competency. The most hardworking person would be the most successful.

That is where going for training in school made sense. But times have changed again.

Right now, we still have a considerable population still stuck in the industrial era but automation is quickly wiping out such people.

Schools have tried to evolve into this new era but they barely fit. In the early days, schools taught exclusively technical skills. You would go to school, learn how to operate a sewing machine and live the rest of your life sewing.

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If sewing didn’t please you, you would learn how to use a gun and spend the rest of your life in war.

In the current era, most schools have shifted and they are taking the policy approach. Instead of teaching you how to use a gun, they teach you why you should love your country.

They know that once you fall in love with your country, you will easily pick up a gun and fight for your country. This approach is much better than the old technical approach but it has one big flaw…

Becoming Successful without College

The internet offers knowledge on just about anything. You can definitely become successful without college. In addition, the information you get is free of charge and there are no assessment tests to be anxious about.

College has tried to evolve with technology but it lags behind. Most of the policies taught in college are outdated and impractical.

Also, college can only teach you one thing at a time unlike the internet where you can learn as many things as you want.

In college, if you are studying engineering, for about five years, you are only taught about technical engineering stuff. You’ll be taught communication skills in the first year but that is a drop in the ocean.

After the five years, you come out a technical person but you seriously lack relational skills. Life demands that you have as many skills in as many areas as you can.

That is where college loses.

And the loss of college is a big win for those who want to be successful in life without a college degree. The number of people dropping out of college is on the rise.

We already have a number of billionaires who are successful without college. This goes to show that there is a formula that can bring success even if you don’t have a college degree. And that is the formula I want to teach you today.

But how did I know that formula? You may ask

Well, I dropped out of college after my first year and fumbled around. Luckily, I stumbled upon the formula I will be teaching you today.

Courtesy of that formula, you are reading this blog post today.

How to be Successful without College

The formula I want to teach you has a few simple steps you need to follow to be successful without college. The steps apply to you regardless of the path you want to take in life.

The formula is based on universal truths that can never change.

Step 1: Find a niche

There is a popular quote that says ‘riches are in the niches’. Here is what you need to know; in this era, there is so much information. Everyone is trying to say something.

Some want you to hear about their latest flagship smartphone that has multiple front cameras while others want you to hear about how they made $1000 in a day uploading YouTube videos.

Everyone has something to say and technology has made it possible for everyone to advertise himself even if they have nothing important to say.

If you want to stand out in this era, you have to pick your unique space. Pick a space that has little or no noise at all. Be as weird as possible in picking your niche.

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Instead of being an average content creator on YouTube, be a content creator for young men who love history of wars. Make sure every word you say on your channel has something to do with history of a war.

It is not every day that you come across someone talking about history of wars from morning to evening.

Others may talk about history of wars but not as frequently as you do and that is how you stand out.

Even if you are planning to run a physical business, niche down until it hurts. Instead of selling men socks, sell men socks that have black and orange stripes only. That way, in a matter of a few years, you will be ‘the guy who sells stripped black and orange socks for men’.

Step 2: Expand your Knowledge to become successful without college

The reason why you pick a niche is to make it easy to gather knowledge about your particular area of focus more than anyone else.

It is hard to be the most knowledgeable person about men socks. There are so many people who are interested in men socks and they probably have more knowledge than you.

But if you only focus on men socks with black and orange stripes, you will have a big chance of being the expert.

The smaller your niche, the easier it will be for you to gather knowledge about it and the quicker you will become an expert in it.

Finding knowledge about a specific niche you have chosen is easy given the vast amount of knowledge available on the internet.

You may not find specific information about your niche but you will always find information about the general niche you are in.

Use the general information of your niche and borrow ideas that suit your niche. You may learn that young people love ankle socks. Then you borrow that knowledge and create ankle socks with black and orange stripes targeting young people.

Step 3: Showcase your Mastery

Becoming successful without college requires you to be a master. As you keep growing in knowledge in a particular niche, you will slowly rise to the top 1% of people in that niche. As you rise, it is important to have a specific way in which you showcase your expertise.

Using our socks example, as your stripped orange and black men socks start getting attention, you need to decide if you will sell them online or you will distribute them to physical outlets.

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If you decide to showcase them online, choose if you will have your own website or you will upload them on an established website like Amazon or eBay.

The trick is the same; narrow down to one specific technique.

I could have easily put the content you are reading right now in a podcast but I chose to showcase my knowledge by writing it on a personal blog.

The more focused you are with how you showcase your mastery, the faster you will gain traction.

Step 4: Make a Fortune

Once you have established yourself in your niche, all that is left is to capitalize on the authority you have established.

That is how every successful person became successful.

Build your wealth by increasing the number of people you reach or by improving the quality of what you offer and charging more.

Either way, you will have a solid foundation for your wealth that nothing can take away.


You can easily become successful without college in this era. What matters is how diligent you are at implementing universal laws of wealth.

The simple formula I have given you is the exact way anyone who gets rich follows whether knowingly or unknowingly.

The hard work is in tailoring the formula to suit your needs. Finding a niche is not as easy as it may sound. Sticking to a niche is even harder.

Someone said ‘Men are like crows, they love shiny objects’ and he was right. You will always want to jump to another niche that seems more profitable.

Holding yourself from jumping from one niche to another is a skill. Such a skill, as important as it is, is not taught in college. Sad!

Now, get to work!