Simple Evangelism Strategies| Effective Evangelism Methods

There is no shortage of evangelism strategies. God has gifted us in different areas and we can use those gifts to evangelize.

Evangelism becomes hard if you are forced to use an evangelism strategy you are not used to. But if you master a strategy that is suitable to you, evangelism becomes easy.

I will walk you through some of the evangelism strategies you can use to win souls to Christ. Each of these strategies is good. It is only that some may be suitable for you and others may not be.

Evangelism Strategies

1. Active Evangelism Strategy

In this evangelism strategy, you take action to reach out to people. This is by far the most common method of evangelism.

Active evangelism is where you wake up from your couch and go to the street to preach to random people. In this method, you actively look for people to share the gospel with.

Jesus used this method. He used to walk from town to town preaching the gospel of the Kingdom of God. The early apostles also used this method of evangelism to a great extent.

The Apostles would travel from one region to another sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.

This evangelism strategy is good in reaching to people who have little or no interest in salvation. This method dates back to the early church because at that time the gospel of Jesus was new to many people.

If you are gifted with going out, use this method of evangelism to draw people to Jesus.

Other forms of evangelism such as door to door evangelism, street evangelism and holding crusades fall under this category.

Though this evangelism method takes time and effort, it is worth it.

2. Passive Evangelism Strategy

This evangelism strategy is best for people who have a hard time interacting with others. In most cases, people who are gifted intellectually prefer to stay on their own.

If you are that kind of person and you want to evangelize, you can use the passive evangelism strategy.

This strategy involves prayer and writing. Instead of going out to speak to people, you can secretly pray for them and the God who sees in secret will answer you in public.

Jesus used this evangelism strategy. In John chapter 17, we see Jesus praying for believers. He prayed for those who believed in Him and even those who would believe in Him through others.

The prayer that Jesus made for His believers is still effective today.

Paul the Apostle wrote letters to churches. The letters are still read today. That was passive evangelism.

The beauty of passive evangelism strategy is that it lives long. We still sing hymns that were sang a few hundred years ago. We read books written in past centuries.

If you are an indoors person, use this evangelism strategy to win souls to Christ. Learn writing, spend time praying, compose songs to draw people to God and do anything else that you can think of.

3. Service Evangelism Strategy

In this method of evangelism, you serve others as a way of drawing them to Christ. Jesus told us that the greatest among us shall be the servant of all.

Jesus Himself became a servant to us. He healed our diseases, opened the eyes of the blind, comforted those who mourned and did many other good works.

Many people were drawn to Jesus because of His compassion and service. We are told of the famous story of the woman who was caught in adultery; she fell in love with Jesus because of the service He did for her.

Service evangelism works so well because many of us are in need. Some need comfort, others need healing, others need encouragement, others need food etc.

Whatever God has blessed you with, use it to serve others. If you are a person gifted with joy, you can share your joy with those who are gloomy.

If you are gifted with wisdom, you can use your wisdom to help those who need to make decisions. For those who got married in a godly way, you can guide others who are seeking to get married.

Everyone has a gift that he can use to serve others. Serve others just as Christ served us. Through your service, let people see Jesus.

4. Laid Back Evangelism Strategy

The laid back evangelism strategy is one of the most interesting methods of evangelism. In this strategy, you don’t take the gospel to people but rather, people come to you for the gospel.

This evangelism strategy requires you to become good at what you do to the point that people come to you.

We read several instances in the Bible where people came to Jesus to seek help because of the report they heard about Him.

Most notable was the Roman centurion whose servant was about to die. He was a man of honor but he looked for Jesus.

The Bible also narrates the story of King Solomon who was gifted with wisdom that other kings would come to have a share of the wisdom. The queen of Sheba marveled at Solomon’s wisdom and the splendor of his kingdom.

We also read of the story of Joseph who became a prime minister in Egypt and his brothers went to him when there was famine in their land.

God can promote us to become great in the land. He can entrust us with wealth and skill that draws many people to us.

We are to use the influence we have to direct people to Jesus. If God promotes you to become a senior officer in a company or a professor and many people come to you, that is a form of laid back evangelism.

Use such opportunities to draw people to Christ. Work hard to the point where people come to you.


Evangelism should not be difficult. Rather, it should be our lifestyle as believers. The above evangelism strategies are suitable for a wide range of people. Whether you are a career person, a married man, a youth, an introvert or even a senior government official, you are catered for.

Pick any of them or even a combination and draw people to Christ.

All the best!