Praying the Will of God: What you need to Know

Praying the will of God is an important lesson every believer must learn. ‘Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven’. This is a common phrase that Jesus taught us to pray in the Lord’s Prayer.

But how exactly are we supposed to pray in the will of God? If we have a request that we would like God to fulfill, how can we ask for it in God’s Will?

It is clear that prayers made in God’s Will are always answered. But how can we make such prayers?

In this article, I have a simple solution for anyone who wants to always make prayers in God’s Will. Making prayers in God’s Will is not difficult. It doesn’t require you to know a thousand and one things but only one thing.

Follow through and learn how to pray according to the will of God.

Praying the Will of God

Praying God’s Will through Jesus

Jesus walked perfectly in the Will of God. Because of His perfect obedience, God grants everything that Jesus asks for.

Everything that Jesus asks for is in the perfect Will of God. When Jesus performed miracles while He was on earth, He did it so that His Father in Heaven would be glorified.

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It is God’s Will to glorify himself among men. By Jesus performing miracles in His name, He was glorifying Him.

The secret of praying the will of God all the time is by praying through Jesus. Since every request that Jesus asks for from the Father is granted, you can make your request to the Father through Jesus.

This is why most prayers end with ‘in Jesus name we pray’. Any prayer made through Jesus to the Father gets answered.

Jesus at one time said that a time will come and had come when we would be able to pray to the Father directly.

Jesus said that His Father had loved us because we have loved Him. And because His Father had loved us, we could ask for anything and get it.

Either way, the key point remains to be Jesus. If you want to make prayers that are always in God’s Will, make them in Jesus name.

Why Some Prayers made in Jesus Name don’t get Answered

I have said all prayers that are made to God through Jesus are answered but I know you may be asking what happens to the many prayers that you finish with ‘in Jesus name I pray’ yet they don’t get answered.

Well, for a prayer to be answered, it must be made in Jesus name. But that is not all. Jesus has to acknowledge the prayer.

If people who don’t have a relationship with Jesus make prayers in His name, Jesus denounces the prayers. People who are not in a relationship with Jesus have no right to enjoy the privileges that Jesus paid for.

Jesus is our priest who makes intercessions for us. When we ask for anything from the Father through Jesus, He acknowledges our prayer and urges the Father to fulfill it for us.

The Father listens to all that Jesus says. If Jesus does not acknowledge a prayer made in His name, the Father won’t answer it.

This is so because the devil also makes petitions to the Father. The devil petitions for our destruction when we sin. But Jesus denounces the petitions of the devil and the Father does not grant them.

That is why the devil hates Jesus.

How to Know you are Praying the Will of God

We may have genuine love for Jesus and we pray to the Father through Jesus but still we don’t get answers. What else stops us from getting answers from the Father even after loving Jesus and praying in His name?

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Foolishness and Ignorance!

Foolishness stopping prayers made in the Will of God

Everyone is born with foolishness bound up in their hearts. Discipline helps us remove foolishness from our hearts. It is our responsibility to discipline ourselves. Foolishness leaves us in the process.

Foolishness causes us to make prayers that if God was to answer them, we would suffer. When such prayers are made, even when they are made through Jesus, the Father does not fulfill them.

God has mercy and overlooks such requests.

Let me give you an example…

At one point, someone I know prayed to God to kill her father. Her father had abused her mother and she was angry with him.

Such a prayer is a foolish prayer. Jesus taught us to pray for those who persecute us. Though what they do is wrong, asking for their destruction is foolishness. Remember they are also God’s children.

From our perspective, such a prayer may appear perfect but to God, it is one of His children asking Him to destroy His other child.

Ignorance Stopping Prayers made in God’s Will

Praying the will of God is pointless if the prayer is made in ignorance. Take an example of a person asking God to give her a love partner.

God is more than willing to give her a love partner but there are conditions that she must meet for God to give her a love partner.

In the state she is in, God knows that if she gets a love partner, she will mess up everything. Because of the love that God has for her, even though she has asked for the right thing, God does not grant her request.

If such a lady is willing, God will reveal to her the conditions she needs to fulfill for God to reveal her love partner.

If she is not willing, God will remain silent until the day she will humble herself before Him.

Most children of God are victims of ignorance. They make prayers that are in the Will of God but they have not met the conditions God set for a person to receive what they are asking for.

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The remedy to this is reading the word of God and understanding His laws. Once the laws are met, no prayer you make in the Will of God will go unanswered.

Praying the Will of God: Conclusion

The easiest way to know if you are praying the Will of God is if your prayers are answered. Since we all miss God’s Will at some point in our prayers, the wise approach is to make prayers to God without ceasing.

In the beginning, you may only be getting answers to one prayer in a month. But as you progress, your level of accuracy in praying God’s Will increases.

Before you know it, you will be getting all your prayers answered because they are in God’s Will.

Above all, remember to love Jesus. He is at the center of all prayers made in God’s Will. If you are not sure what to pray for, request Jesus to help you.

Jesus will know what request to make to the Father on your behalf.

God bless you!