Prayer for Ukraine and Russia War

There is need for prayer for Ukraine and Russia as the war continues. As believers, it is our responsibility to pray during these evil times.

However, prayer for Ukraine and Russia needs to be strategic. As Apostle Paul writes, we are not to throw empty punches in the air.

Since many believers may be praying for the Ukraine and Russia War, it is important to give guidance on how the prayer should be made.

Prayer for Ukraine and Russia War

Praying for a Nation

Praying for Ukraine and Russia is an unwise way of praying. Ukraine and Russia are countries but God has called us to pray for nations.

A nation refers to people. A country is a geographical location. Praying for a geographical location has little impact.

Therefore, if you want to pray for the Ukraine and Russia war, make sure you pray for the people not the countries.

What to Pray for

What should you ask for when praying for the war in Ukraine and Russia?

The obvious answer is praying for peace. But praying for peace is not as simple as it seems. Here is why…

Jesus promised us that in the last days nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom. You would expect Jesus to ask us to pray that such events don’t happen but from His words, it was certain that those events must happen.

Jesus then told us that when we see such events, we should know that it is the beginning of the end.

Obviously, such events cause fear among many people. But we are not to be afraid because Jesus is our savior.

Jesus told us that in Him we will have peace but in the world we will have tribulation. There is no way anyone can have peace unless He is in Christ.

Since the world is not in Christ, it cannot experience peace.

The war going on between Ukraine and Russia is only a reminder that the world can never experience peace.

Praying for Ukraine and Russia to stop fighting is equivalent of praying for the world to receive Jesus. It is clear in the Bible that Jesus came into the world but the world rejected Him.

Since the world rejected Jesus, it can never enjoy peace. Remember Jesus is the prince of peace.

Praying for the Faith of Believers in the Ukraine and Russia War

The best prayer you can make is for the believers in Ukraine and Russia to hold on to their faith in these difficult times.

The devil uses war to weaken the faith of believers in Jesus. It is true that some believers may die in the war between Ukraine and Russia but provided they hold on to their faith, they will be received gloriously in heaven.

Remember Jesus told us that we are like sheep among wolves. As believers, the only weapon we have is our faith. If we live, we live for Christ and if we die, we die in Christ.

Therefore, pray that God will help our brothers and sisters in Ukraine and Russia to hold on to their faith even if it means paying for it with their own lives.

Sample Prayer for Ukraine and Russia War

This is a sample prayer for the Ukraine and Russia War.

Dear Lord, I thank you because in you there is great peace. In the world there is tribulation. I pray for my brothers and sisters in Ukraine and Russia that you will strengthen their faith in these difficult times. May they remember that you are the Prince of Peace. Preserve their lives that they may spread your word and glorify you. Thank you Lord for you hear our prayers. Amen.

Prayer for Russia and Ukraine War: Conclusion

Making a prayer for Ukraine and Russia War should not be difficult. A little understanding will save you from praying pointless prayers.

Apply the knowledge shared above and intercede for our fellow believers. Wars are here to stay but we are called to defend our faith.

Also remember to pray for your own faith that it will not fail when difficult times come upon you. That is how we win wars in the spirit.

God Bless you!