Prayer for Financial Breakthrough

Praying for financial breakthrough has to be one of the most common prayers that we make. Unfortunately, most of the time, we never get the answer we want.

There are a number of reasons why prayers for financial breakthrough don’t bring the answers we expect.

Today, I want to go through some of those reasons and hopefully offer guidance on how to make a prayer for financial breakthrough that gets answered.

God gives Ability to make Wealth

Before Adam and Eve sinned against God by eating the forbidden fruit, God was the provider for man. During that time, God provided everything that man needed without man asking for it.

I hope you remember that God provided a helper for Adam without Adam asking for one. But things changed when Adam and Eve sinned against God.

Instead of God being the provider, He gave man the option to choose who will be his provider. God would only provide if man asked Him to.

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God also limited Himself to providing only what man has asked for. That was the beginning of making requests from God.

When it comes to praying for financial breakthrough, God gives us the ability to create wealth. What we choose to do with the ability is upon us.

You may spend many days fasting for financial breakthrough but God has already given you the ability to make wealth. Unless you put that ability to work, you will have yourself to blame for the financial misery.

The rich have two hands. God also gave you two hands. If you ask God to show you how you can use your hands to make wealth, He will show you.

Before you make any prayer for financial breakthrough, make sure you take note of the abilities God has given you. If you are not sure, you can ask God to show you the abilities He has given you.

God gives based on Stewardship Record

To whom much is given, much is expected and whoever is faithful in little, is faithful in much. Since Adam misused the provisions God had given him, God decided to test men before entrusting them with wealth.

To this day, God will only give finances to those He has tested and proven that they are faithful. Before God entrusted Joseph with the treasures of Egypt, He tested him.

Even if you have little money right now, show your faithfulness in the little that you have. God will wait to see how faithful you are with the little money before entrusting you with much.

Even if you have no money, your character towards God when you have no money is an indicator of whether you are a faithful steward of finances or not.

For you to be a good financial steward, gather knowledge about money. Learn the basic operations of the economy. Create a personal budget. Invest part of the little money that you have and earn a tiny profit. Do anything in your power to show God that you are faithful with little. It is only when your financial record is healthy in the eyes of God that He will entrust you with more.


You may quickly rule yourself as not greedy but when you understand what greed is, you will see that you are a victim.

When God sent Elijah to the widow at Zarephath, God multiplied her flour and her oil. But the multiplication only lasted until the drought in Israel ended.

When the widow who had a debt she was unable to pay approached Elisha to help her, Elisha asked her to gather many jars. She was instructed to pour oil in all the jars.

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The jar of oil she had never ran out until when it had filled all the jars she had collected then the oil stopped flowing.

In these two cases of provision, we see that God has limits in His provision. For the widow of Zarephath, provision was only during the drought. For the widow with a debt, God only provided enough to fill the jars she had brought.

Greed is essentially having no limit. When you ask God to give you money, how much money do you want? For how long do you want God to provide for you?

Asking for financial breakthrough without specifying limits is greed. God has no obligation to answer limitless prayers.

Special Cases when God Answers Prayers for Financial Breakthrough

God answers prayers for financial breakthrough if the faith of the person asking is perfect and if the person is blameless in the areas I have mentioned above.

There are two kinds of financial provision from God; provision in dire situations and provision for abundance.

Financial Provision in Dire Situations

The two widows I mentioned earlier are a perfect example of God providing in dire situations. These widows had great faith. Both of them were on the brink of starving yet they believed the instructions that God gave them through the prophets.

It was the faith they had in God by obeying the prophets that pleased God to provide for them.

Financial Provision for Abundance

Sometimes God provides for someone so that the person may live in abundance. This often happens after the person has remained faithful in various tests God has taken him through.

A good example is the case of Job. God tested Job by allowing him to lose all his wealth. When Job remained faithful to God even after losing all his wealth, God provided him with double what he had before.

When King Solomon had an opportunity to ask for wealth from God but didn’t ask for it, God was pleased with him and He gave him abundant wealth.


There is no way God will provide finances for you without testing you. If you feel your prayers for financial breakthrough are not being answered, it is likely that you are running away from tests from God.

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The tests that God gives are not easy. They get discouraging and that is why we tend to avoid them. But avoiding them also means avoiding the sweet reward that comes from them.

Give yourself to the tests of God and remain faithful. Then God will shower you with abundant wealth beyond what you could ask for.

God bless you!