NoFap Placebo Effect? Find Out The Truth

Don’t speculate anymore. I’m here with first-hand information to tell you whether nofap is a mere placebo effect or it actually helps.

I’ll do that by answering several other related questions to help you understand.

NoFap involves several activates such as working out, reading books and taking cold showers. Naturally, these activities have benefits for our bodies. Claiming that nofap gives all the benefits is definitely a placebo effect.

I know NoFap to be a culture of people who want to quit their addiction to pornography. The desire to quit pornography addiction is good.

Addiction to porn comes with many downsides. It eats away your confidence and productivity. By quitting porn, you will definitely recover your confidence and productivity.

That means that nofap is not necessarily the practice that gives you confidence and productivity. Instead, it is the working out that you do, the reading of books and so on.

If you can quit porn using any other method, you will have the same result. Don’t we have confident people who have never practiced nofap?

I managed to quit porn using a different approach. After quitting porn, my life has greatly improved. If I were in the nofap community, I would accredit my improvement to nofap.

But as you can see, it has very little to do with nofap. Retaining semen in your body may have some benefits but it shouldn’t be a goal for anyone.

At the end of the day, we were created to reproduce. Once you get a wife, you are expected to release that semen.

The nofap philosophy is a bit overrated. I don’t think a girl will enjoy intimate time with a man who doesn’t ejaculate.

As far as I know, girls are more confident when they make their husbands ejaculate. It makes them know they are ‘sweet’.

What nofap teaches is not as good as it sounds.

Does NoFap Increase Confidence?

It is difficult to precisely say whether nofap increases confidence or not. However, it is easy to say that working out and pursuing self-improvement increases your confidence. Since nofap involves working out and other self-improvement activities, we can conclude that it improves your confidence.

However, I have to strongly mention that retaining semen, which is one of the core activities of nofap, does not guarantee improvement in confidence.

The confidence you get if you do nofap majorly comes from working out. Don’t you notice that most people who work out gain confidence?

Semen retention will only add to your confidence if you make it a goal and then achieve it. It is nothing special from other goals in life.

If you make a sell in your business, you’ll definitely feel more confident because it is a goal that you have achieved.

But as I have mentioned, retaining semen is not a good goal to set. Your body knows what to do with semen. Your work is to quit watching porn and masturbating which you can stop in a much simpler way than nofap.

Will NoFap get you a girlfriend?

Getting a girlfriend has its own conditions. If you meet the conditions, it doesn’t matter whether you are in nofap or not. The big player in getting a girlfriend is having confidence and as I have mentioned, confidence comes from achieving goals you have set.

If you can manage to gain confidence from the working out that you do during nofap, you will increase your chances of getting a girlfriend. But then I don’t want you to pursue nofap with the aim of getting a girlfriend.

Nofap is not a good practice as such. If you want to quit porn, I have linked above an article that will help you quit it in an easier way.

Once you quit porn, your life will come back to order by itself and of course it will be a lot easier for you to find a girlfriend.

Going into nofap because you want a girlfriend will end disastrously.

Will NoFap Help me Build Muscles?

Nofap doesn’t build muscles, working out does. If you work out as part of your nofap challenge, you will definitely build muscles. If you work out without nofap, you will still build muscles.

If you were thinking that semen retention is in some way helpful to building muscles, I’m sorry to say you were deceived.

How many people do you know that have muscles as a result of retaining semen and how many people do you know that have muscles as a result of working out?

It is pretty clear that muscles are built by eating well and working out properly. Again I will say it; if you want to quit watching porn, you don’t need all the nofap stress. I have offered you an easier way which I used myself to overcome porn addiction.

Does Nofap give you Superpowers?

Nofap won’t give you any superpowers. What people call superpowers is just the confidence they gain from working hard to improve themselves. Retaining semen for a certain number of days has no magic in it.

The work you do on your own body in the name of nofap is what will make you feel like you have superpowers. But then it is worthless since life doesn’t require you to have superpowers.

What you need is to get rid of porn addiction and serve humanity with your talent. Trust me you will enjoy life more that way than chasing after superpowers.

In other words, I am saying it is time to find an alternative to nofap that will help you quit porn easily and bring balance to your life instead of fooling you with the superpower mentality.

Will Nofap Make you last longer?

Nofap is not a drug to make people last longer in bed. I’ll also ask you, why do you want to last longer in bed? The idea of lasting longer in bed is a foolish one. A few minutes of pleasure are enough and nature already set the average time.

Don’t waste your strength trying to last long in bed. Your wife will get tired of waiting for you to ejaculate. Don’t think that sane girls are happy with men who last long in bed. We are only sure that they are unhappy with men who are too quick to ejaculate.

Provided you are not suffering from premature ejaculation, don’t bother about lasting long in bed. Let your focus be on quitting porn addiction.

Once you quit porn addiction, your body will recover the natural clock in bed; not too short and not too long.

Nofap will also not increase the size of your genitals. The size of your genitals is majorly determined by your genetics. It’s like the size of shoe you wear. Working to change it is utter stupidity.

What I want you to see here is that the most important thing for you to do is to find a way to quit porn and masturbation addiction.

After you quit them, everything will balance itself. Your body is able to take care of all the worries you have.

I never watch porn, I never masturbate and I am not yet married at the writing of this article which means I don’t have sex with anyone.

Interestingly, I don’t get uncontrolled urges to have sex with anyone but at the same time I know how to bring up urges of sex.

My body is at peace with sexual urges. They are under my control and this is how a true gentleman should be.

Gain control over your sexual urges and forget about the childish mindset of lasting long in bed, of being attractive to women and the whole nofap ideology.

Use the method I have recommended to get rid of porn addiction and your life will be awesome. You’ll thank me later.

Good luck!