Nofap Edging Recovery: How to Bounce Back

Have you found yourself edging a lot while practicing nofap? Well, edging is common in nofap. Sometimes urges come and they are too strong to resist.

Putting up a complete resistance against them is often next to impossible. Most people prefer edging in such circumstances because it feels a lot safer than a relapse.

However, edging should not become a habit.

It must be stopped. But how do you stop it?

That is what I want to help you with in this article.

How to Recover from Nofap Edging

If you want to recover from edging in nofap, put away all material that aids you in edging. I know it is easier said than done but then it is the best thing you can do to recover from edging. Instead of sitting in your room debating whether to edge or not, why not take a walk or go see a friend?

From experience, I know edging creeps in so subtly that one barely notices. It often begins with glancing at photos of girls that you know then it goes to Google searches that border porn.

Once you have given your mind a taste of the thrill, it demands for more. As some people say, your brain demands for more skin and less clothing.

Before you know it, you are staring at girls with only their underpants. From there onwards, it is a downward spiral until you end up wanking.

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You may edge a little the first few times but as you keep edging, it gets worse. Eventually you will relapse.

Regardless of whether you are edging without watching porn or with it, you need to recover from it as soon as possible.

Try putting away your phone whenever the urges to fap come. If you were using a magazine with nude models to edge, go burn it.

If you were rubbing yourself without finishing, try and be in a public place. In most cases, the urges will go down when you go in public.

The only problem is if you live alone or the urges come at night. When it is hard for you to go to a public space, there is little you can do to avoid edging.

It is important also to note the time when you edge the most. I’m sure you don’t get the urges all the time. If you can take note of the time and be in a safe place, you will find it easier to recover from edging during nofap.

Nofap Edging is hard to Beat

I have given you some tips on how to recover from nofap edging but then I would like to confess something.

I was addicted to watching porn and fapping for over 10 years. You can read my full story in this eBook. I indulged in edging many times when I was on nofap.

I know it is easy to say ‘just put away your phone’ or ‘go to a public place’ but then doing it is not remotely close to easy.

The urges to fap are normally so strong and overwhelming. There is almost no time to think. It feels like being caught up in a tornado.

I’m saying this because I don’t want you to feel guilty for struggling with edging. Nofap is hard. If you thought it was easy, check out these statistics about nofap’s success rate.

A huge number of people who practice nofap never succeed. Edging is not considered a relapse by some people but then they border each other.

Don’t give up hope. I too was where you are and edging was the order of the day. About half of the time I would edge, I would finish it off.

Of course after finishing it off I would feel very guilty and regret why I couldn’t stop along the way. But then if stopping along the way was easy, many people would never struggle with relapses.

The point here is that nofap is hard. Edging is a way of trying to appease the porn and masturbation monster but in most cases the monster is never appeased.

Don’t Stress about Recovering from Nofap Edging

I tried recovering from edging but I was unsuccessful. Normally, I don’t ask people to do anything that I was unsuccessful at doing and I’m not going to start today.

That is why I’m advising you to not bother about edging. In fact, if your aim is to get rid of porn and masturbation addiction, forget about nofap.

I tried it multiple times during the days I was addicted to watching porn and wanking but I was unsuccessful. The frustration that porn and masturbation addiction brought in my life forced me to find an alternative way to getting freedom.

It took me several years of trial and error but it eventually paid off. I wouldn’t be writing on this blog if I was still hooked to watching adult content and fapping.

Luckily, the method that eventually brought me freedom is easier to follow through than nofap. That is why I’m asking you not to worry if nofap seems too hard for you. It was too hard for me too.

You can still come out of the porn and masturbation addiction without stressing yourself with hard practices.

From my own experience, nofap can’t cure anyone’s addiction to watching porn and masturbating. It is basically a tool that sidelines porn and fapping for a while but they eventually return.

Provided relapsing remains a topic of discussion in nofap, complete freedom from porn addiction will never come.

No matter how many days someone manages to go without fapping, eventually he will relapse. There is just no way you can sideline fapping forever if you are an addict of porn and masturbation.

Nofap Edging best Alternative

If you are a frequent reader of this blog, you know what I recommend as the best method for getting rid of porn and masturbation.

I recommend this method because it is the very method that I used to overcome porn and masturbation addiction after all the other methods failed.

The method is all about using therapy to heal from the underlying pains that push you to watch porn and fap. Watching porn in most cases is not a stand-alone problem.

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It is often a side effect of other deep seated problems. By using therapy, the hidden problems will be solved and once they are solved, porn will lose meaning in your life.

It will disappear forever and you won’t get urges to fap ever again. I’m saying all these because it is exactly what I am experiencing currently.

At the time of writing this article, I have been free from porn addiction for five months. While five months may not look like a long time, I’m yet to get any urges to fap which I used to get while on nofap.

On nofap, I managed to go for five months without watching porn but then I was edging and I was getting the urges to fap.

This time round, I’m completely free.

The reason why I no longer get urges is because I healed from the psychological pain that was making me feel miserable and forcing me to fap as a way to cheer myself up.

I’m sure you must have noticed a similar thing on your side; urges to fap come whenever you feel low. It’s like you use fapping to cheer yourself up.

Provided the underlying psychological pains are not dealt with, you will still often feel low and the urges to watch porn and masturbate will keep coming.

Do yourself a favor and get a therapist. Walk with the therapist so that you heal from the underlying pains and from there solving the porn addiction problem will be a walkover.

You can read more about the therapy approach to recovering from porn and masturbation addiction in the article that I wrote.

All the best!