My Mom Died, Where is She Now? (Explanation)

My mom died, where is she now? This is a common concern for people who have lost their mothers.

Since we were young, we were told different things that happen after someone dies.

Before I jump into telling you where you mom is after her death, I want to pass my condolences to you. Sorry for the loss of your mother!

It is never an easy experience to lose a mother. So many issues happen and our lives are left in turmoil. Take heart!

There are many myths that surround what happens to a dead person. I won’t go into them. Instead, I will only focus on what is true and verified.

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From this answer you will know where your mom who died is.

My Mom Died, Where is She Now?

Death of the Body

When we talk about death, we are referring to the death of the physical body. But death is not limited to the physical body.

According to the Bible, death can also happen to the soul. Death of the soul happens when someone who dies goes to hell.

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Our physical bodies manage to stay alive because of the spirit that is in us. The spirit in us is the life. The moment the spirit leaves, our physical body dies.

Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. We have life as long as we have a connection with Him. Outside of Him, we die.

In the case of your mom who died, it is her spirit that left her body. The body is a shell without the spirit. The spirit of every man comes from God and when a man dies, his spirit goes back to God.

This is why the Bible says we are made in the image and likeness of God. It is the spirit in us that resembles God.

Just as God is holy, the spirit in us is holy. This is why the Lord asks us to walk according to the spirit and not gratify the desires of our flesh.

The Bible mentions that those who walk according to the flesh, from the flesh they will reap death and destruction but those who walk according to the spirit will reap life.

Death of the body is a result of the spirit leaving the body.

Therefore, when you ask where your mother who died is right now, you are referring to her soul and not her body.

Her body is lying somewhere in the mortuary or in the grave if it has already been buried.

Where is Your Dead Mother’s Soul?

The soul of your mother is what you refer to when you ask ‘where is she now?’ The soul of a person is the real person.

When you say my body, it is your soul that is speaking referring to the body as its possession. When someone dies, the soul goes for judgment.

It is the soul that either goes to heaven or hell. The soul is you.

Here is where answering the question of where your mother is after her death becomes difficult. Since we are not judges of whether someone has believed in Jesus for him to go to heaven or go to hell for denying Him, we can’t tell where the soul of someone is after death.

We are only sure that the soul of a dead person is either in heaven or in hell. If we are sure the person who died had not given his life to Jesus, we can be sure he is in hell.

If we are certain that the person who died lived his life for Jesus, we can be sure the person is in heaven.

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This means that your mother who died is either in heaven or hell. I know it sounds scary that your mother might be in hell but that might be the reality.

God is the judge. If a soul sins, it goes to hell. If a soul is holy, it goes to heaven.

Waiting Places for Souls of the Dead

Though we generally say the soul of the sinner goes to hell and that of a righteous person goes to heaven, it is clear that there are other places that souls of the righteous and the wicked go to before they enter into their eternal dwellings.

For the sinner, they go to hell which is a waiting place before going to the lake of fire. Hell has terrible suffering but it is a waiting place for the final judgment of God.

For the righteous, they go to a place vaguely described as the bosom of Abraham. This is a peaceful place where righteous souls wait for the final judgment.

The idea of the bosom of Abraham comes from the narration that Jesus gave about a poor man named Lazarus and a rich man who died. The rich man went to hell and Lazarus went to Abraham’s bosom.

Therefore, your mom who died is either in hell or in Abraham’s bosom. God knows but He won’t tell you if you ask Him.

My Mom Died, Where is Her Spirit?

The spirit of your mom who died is with its maker. As I mentioned before, the spirit of a person always goes back to its maker when someone dies.

If the person who died is a sinner, the spirit will separate from the soul. The soul will go to hell and the spirit will return to the Father.

Just as the body without the soul is dead, so the soul without the spirit is dead. This is why the Bible refers to souls that go to hell as dead souls.

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If your mom who died had lived a righteous life, her soul will go to heaven with her spirit without separating. She will have eternal life because the spirit that comes from God is eternally united with her soul.

I know this topic might sound complex but that is the summary of how the body, the soul and the spirit operate after someone dies.

My Mom Died, Where is She Now? Conclusion

I don’t want you to keep wondering where your mom who died is right now, whether she is seeing you or not, whether she can hear you or not.

The truth of the matter is that once someone dies, she has no connection whatsoever with those who are alive. Evil spirits often camouflage as the dead person to deceive the living but you must know that once someone dies, he has no business with the living.

Therefore, move away from wanting to know what is happening to your mom after her death. Focus on living your life in accordance to God’s ways so that when your days on earth end, you will be welcomed to heaven.