My Mom Died and I want to Talk to Her

My mother died and I want to talk to her. If this is your concern, there is important information here that you need to get.

The sad truth with losing a mother is that you will always feel there was something you never talked to your mom about that you should have talked to her about.

This reality can be very painful and it can haunt you for years. I am here to help you know how to deal with the urge to talk to your dead mother.

The truth is that once your mother is dead, there is no way you can talk to her. Forget about all the fictional practices that some people claim through them you can talk to your dead mother.

The Bible is very clear that once someone dies there is no connection between her and the living. Therefore, stop trying to find ways to talk to your dead mother.

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Instead, learn how to cope with the loss and keep building your life. If you dwell on the loss of your mother, your life will be wasted.

Death is normal. It robs us precious people but we must come to terms with reality.

Here is what you need to do when you feel a strong urge to talk to your mother who died:

My Mother Died and I want to Talk to Her: What to do

1. Worship God

The urge to talk to your dead mother comes because you desire intimacy. The truth is that there is no one in the world that can replace your mother. No matter how good someone is to you, their affection can never equal the affection your mother gave to you.

This is why after your mother dies, your mind will crave for the motherly affection. Unfortunately, once your mother is gone, her affection for you is also gone forever.

There is no way to recover your late mother’s affection.

But there is a greater affection that will sooth you. God’s love for us is powerful and it is able to cover all misery and pain that we face under the sun.

No matter how deep the longing to talk to your dead mother may be, the love of God is able to heal you and make you forget that you ever lost a mother.

God offers better affection that the one your mother gave to you. In fact, the affection your mother gave to you was given to her by God.

Mothers love their children the same way God loves His children. God’s love is perfect.

The best way to experience God’s affection is through worship. When you spend more time worshipping God, you will experience more of His love.

As His love overshadows you, your urge to talk to your dead mother will diminish. That is how God comforts those who mourn.

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Also in God, you will find the hope of the resurrection. The resurrection is not only a means of letting you hope in meeting your dead mother someday but it is also an assurance of the victory that God gave us over death.

The pain of losing a mother to death will be no more in the resurrection. Once you work to deepen your relationship with God, the hope of eternal life will bring you healing.

Therefore, whenever you feel an urge to talk to your dead mother, start singing worship songs to God. It is the only way to find healing.

2. Take a Rest

From experience, I realized that urges to talk to my dead mother came in the evening when my mind was tired.

When my mind was fresh, I hardly had problems with wanting to talk to my dead mother. One of the reasons why you want to talk to your dead mother is because your mind is tired.

Whenever we get tired, we normally share our feelings with those whom we love. If your mom was the one you used to share with whenever you were tired, you will definitely get a longing to talk to her once you get tired.

To deal with the deep longing to talk to your dead mother, take a rest. Make sure you get good sleep at night.

The urges to talk to your dead mother will be frequent the first few months after her death but as you move on, they will become less frequent.

Therefore, take advantage of proper rest to deal with the urges to talk to your dead mother.

3. Get Social

Sitting on your own for long hours will make you crave talking to your deceased mother. Make sure you have social connections to avoid dwelling on how much you miss your mother who died.

It is normal to want to talk to your mom after she has died but if you have healthy social relations with others, you won’t struggle much with wanting to talk to your mom.

Be careful that you don’t fall into the trap of sympathy seeking. Some people after losing their mother become victims of circumstances; they want others to pity them all the time.

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Such behavior is annoying. If you engage in it, your friends are likely to distance themselves from you.

After losing your mother, the last thing you want is to lose your friends too. This is why you have to put in effort to make your relationship with others strong.

Instead of struggling on your own with the desire to talk to your late mother, share the struggle with a close friend. Tell your friend how sometimes you have a strong desire to talk to your dead mother.

But while opening up to your friend about your deep longing to talk to your late mother, don’t overdo it. Don’t let it be the topic every time you meet your friend.

My Mom Died and I want to Talk to Her: Conclusion

When your mother dies and you want to talk to her especially the first few months, know that it is normal. Your mind will constantly lead you into isolation but you have to fight hard against the urge to isolate.

Allow God to fill the void that your mother left. Make sure you go back to the routine that you had before you lost your mother.

If you used to hang out with your friends, continue with the same habit. Work to make your friendships even better.

The more fulfilling activities you engage yourself in after the loss of your mother, the less you will be troubled by urges of talking to her.

You’ll be fine.

Take heart!