A Blog can have Multiple Niches: Here is how to do it

Multi niche blogs have their place. There are people who stand a greater chance of succeeding if they start a multi niche blog than if they start a single niche blog.

Though it is emphasized in many blogging courses that bloggers need to pick one niche, it is not necessary.

It just happens that most bloggers who create blogging courses own single niche blogs. Since they found success with their single niche blogs, they assume that a blogger must pick one topic and stick to it.

For a long time I believed the myth until when I decided to do an experiment. I started this multi niche blog and there are great benefits I enjoy.

Can a Blog have more than one Niche?

Yes. There is no law that says that a blog must have only one niche. Though there are benefits of having a single niche blog, a multi niche blog has its own benefits too.

If you are a person who prefers the freedom to write about anything, a multi niche blog will serve you well.

There are many successful multi niche blogs on the internet. Many of the so called lifestyle blogs are a good example of multi niche blogs.

Such bloggers write about whatever thing that comes to their mind.

It is just that there are no many blogging courses that teach beginner bloggers how to start a multi niche blog. Most multi niche bloggers are busy writing about what they love; they have no time to create blogging courses.

But because they are successful, it proves the point that blogs with multiple topics can still be successful.

Benefits of Multi Niche Blogs

1. Unlimited Topics to Write about

The greatest benefit of a multi niche blog is the freedom you get to write about whatever you like. Picking a blog niche is not easy.

It may take you days or even weeks of research to find a good niche. But even after you find a good niche, you still have to fight to stay in that niche.

It is so difficult to find a niche that ticks all boxes. You may find a niche that has high traffic and low competition but you realize that you don’t enjoy writing articles about it.

Some niches are great to write about but they are difficult to make money from.

Balancing all factors to get a perfect niche is almost impossible.

But if you have a multi niche blog, you can easily solve this problem. You can create topic clusters where one topic focuses purely on making money.

Then you can have another topic that purely talks about a topic that you love without necessarily making money.

There are visitors who will come to read topics you wrote about just because you love them and they will navigate to your topic of making money and they will earn you money.

The fact is that there is no human being who is only interested in one topic. You may have one of your topics about religion because you are passionate about it. But people who will come to read your religion articles also have an interest in making money online.

If you have a topic about making money online, your religion readers can navigate there and earn you money.

2. Unlimited Growth Directions

Some niches look promising when you are researching about them but when you create a blog about them, the blog flops.

Other niches don’t look promising but when you create a blog about them, it succeeds. For majority of bloggers, they found good niches unintentionally.

A blogger may be randomly creating blogs and then one blog suddenly picks up speed. Of course the blogger will become more interested in the blog that shot up.

As they put more effort into that blog, it grows to become an authority blog in that niche.

If such a blogger talks to you about blogging and says you need to pick a niche, he won’t be genuine. You may never be lucky as he was.

But if you create a blog with multiple topics, you increase your chances of stumbling upon a good niche.

Once you find a good niche, you can decide to focus on it and convert your multi niche blog into a single niche blog or you can keep looking for other good niches.

A multi niche blog allows you to explore as many niches as you want without the risk of your blog failing. You can major in any niche you find success with.

3. Greater Fulfillment

If you want to do blogging full time, you not only need it to make money but also you need to find fulfillment in it. It is easier for a multi niche blog to give you fulfillment compared to a single niche blog.

Since our lives are multi niche, we can only satisfy many areas of our lives if our blog talks about them. If your blog talks about your religious beliefs, your money beliefs and your friendship beliefs, you will find more fulfillment than if you only wrote about your money beliefs.

Also, readers who happen to have similar beliefs as you in one area are likely to have similar beliefs as you in other areas.

Such readers can become your greatest fans and they will make you a lot of money in the long run. Since people change, your blog topics and tone will also change.

In short, your blog will grow with you. Since your readers are also growing, they will still find your blog helpful.

When you have people following you through your life journey, there is great fulfillment.

How to Start a Multi Niche Blog

Now that you know the benefits of a multi niche blog, it is time to start one. Here are five general steps of starting a blog. You can start your multi niche blog by following them.

The only difference you will make is in the place of picking a niche. When you get to that step, decide how many articles you want to be writing per niche.

You can decide to be writing ten articles per niche. It is good to cluster a number of articles in one category so that you get a good picture of that niche.

Having only one article per niche is not enough to determine if that niche is worth pursuing further or not.

From then on, write as much as you can and make good observations.

All the best!