Missing the Will of God: What you Need to Know

Of all disasters that can befall a man, missing the Will of God is one of the greatest if not the greatest. I would have said life outside the will of God is terrible but actually, there is no life outside God’s Will.

Whoever is not in God’s Will is dead; though He walks, He has no life. But does that mean that we are all walking but we are dead? Because the Bible says all have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory.

Before Jesus came, we were all dead. We did dead works that could not give us life. But Jesus did works that led to life. He walked perfectly in the will of God.

Today, every area of our lives that is submitted to Christ has life. In this generation, we have people who have part of their lives in God’s Will and part of it outside God’s Will. Jesus addressed today’s church in the book of Revelation saying we are neither hot nor cold.

When it comes to missing God’s Will, we miss it in part but get it right in part. The part of God’s Will that we miss causes us pain and suffering and the part we obey gives us rest from our dead works.

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In this article, I want to answer a few questions that relate to missing God’s Will.

Missing the Will of God

Can We Miss the Will of God?

Yes! We can miss the Will of God for our lives. It is not God’s Will for anyone of us to perish but that we all turn from our wicked ways and be saved.

God sent His Son Jesus to pay the price for us so that we may have a right through Him to inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.

This means that anyone who ends up in hell missed the will of God.

Going to heaven is a primary aspect of the Will of God. But there are other minor aspects of the Will of God.

These minor aspects of the Will of God are the ones we often miss out on. Everyone who has ever walked on earth except Jesus Christ missed some aspect of the Will of God.

Any sin that you commit tells you that you have missed an aspect of God’s Will. Walking perfectly in God’s Will prevents us from sinning. There is no sin in the perfect Will of God.

It is our responsibility to analyze our lives and find areas of our lives that are not in God’s Will.

You may have given your life to Christ and so you are in God’s Will when it comes to receiving salvation. But maybe you have not activated the gift that God gave you, which puts you out of God’s Will when it comes to serving in the body of Christ.

In the end, you will make it to heaven because you believed in Jesus but you won’t have a crown that is given to those who served faithfully in the body of Christ.

The point I’m passing across here is that you can miss out on the Will of God in certain areas of your life and be in God’s Will in other areas.

How to know you are Missing the Will of God

There are many signs that can tell you when you are missing the Will of God in your life. But there is only one sure way of knowing you are going out of God’s Will; chaos.

God designed life in a way that is easy for us to know when we are going out of His Will. God is orderly and peaceful.

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Anyone who is walking in God’s Will experiences order and peace. Even when God is waging war, there is still order and peace.

Anytime you experience disorder in your life, it is because you have missed the Will of God. If your marriage experiences chaos, it is because you have missed God’s Will in a certain aspect of your marriage.

This design of God is evident even in nations. Anytime a nation lacks order and peace, it is because it has gone out of God’s Will.

The world today is majorly chaotic because it has drifted from God’s Will. The further you drift away from God, the more chaotic your life becomes.

The devil drifted away from God’s Will and that is why he is the emblem of chaos.

What to do if you Missed God’s Will

Analyze your life and see which area is chaotic. Where you see chaos, find out how you are missing the Will of God in that area. Ask God to show you and then work to change it.

How soon you get back into God’s Will depends on how far you have drifted from it. Jesus is the master restorer. If you go to Him for restoration, He will bring you back into God’s Will.

However, there are some aspects of the Will of God that once you go out of them, there is no way back. For example, when Moses hit the rock in the wilderness instead of speaking to it, he went against God’s Will.

Because of that act, God denied him entry into the Promised Land. In Deuteronomy chapter three, Moses begs God to allow him to enter the Promised Land but God refuses.

For someone like Mary the mother of Jesus, it was a must for her to be a virgin for her to carry Jesus in her womb. God had made a prophecy long before that Jesus would be born of a virgin.

Mary had to keep her virginity, which was God’s Will for her, in order for her to be used by God.

If you miss some aspects of the Will of God, there is no way back into God’s Will. But for other aspects, you can always be restored.

God called Apostle Paul to preach the message of Christ to the gentiles. But Paul was persecuting people who believed in the gospel of Christ. He thought he was doing God’s Will until he encountered Jesus on his way to Damascus.

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After the encounter, Jesus brought back Paul into the Will of God. Today, many of us have come to understand Christ because of the work of Apostle Paul.

If you realize you have missed God’s Will in any area of your life, ask God to forgive you for being wise in your own eyes. Then humble yourself so that God may restore you.

How to get back after Missing the Will of God

After missing the will of God, it is only God who can bring you take you back into it. To this day, God is working to bring all of us back to His Will after Adam led us out of it.

For God to bring a person back into His Will, He demands that the person must humble himself. By a person humbling himself I mean a person acknowledging that he has drifted away from God’s Will and that he needs a savior to bring him back.

That is why we believe in Jesus as our Lord and Savior. It is only through Jesus that God restores us into his Will when we are out of it.

If you realize you are out of God’s Will in a certain aspect of your life, humble yourself before God and ask Him to restore you.

God bless you!