How to make Money after Dropping out of College

You can drop out of college and make money. Making money has little to do with college.

In the days before the internet, dropping out of college was a death sentence to your financial future but that is now a thing of the past.

Right now, I know a good number of people who dropped out of college and they are making money. Leave alone the billionaires we know who dropped out of college; I’m talking about people I know in person.

The most recent case I know is that of a friend to my brother who took a break from college to do business. In three years, he had made enough money to buy a house. He was only 24 years old.

This shows just how possible it is to make money after dropping out of College.

I also dropped out of college and spent time learning writing and creating websites. You are on this blog courtesy of the skills I learned after I dropped out of college.

Making money is not as hard as society makes it look. The internet has made is so easy for the average Joe to make a fortune in a very short time.

In this article, I will lead you step by step on how to make money now that you officially bear the title ‘college dropout’.

How to Drop out of College and Make Money

Find your Niche

The toughest step in trying to make money after dropping out of college is finding a niche. Deciding how and in which field you want to earn your money is hard.

Because you can make money in so many fields, it becomes hard to decide which field you will go with. Most people get stuck at this point.

For you as a college dropout, employment is out of the picture. While it may seem like a disadvantage, it is actually an advantage. Read more about why dropping out of college is a good idea.

I’ll help you later on in this article to find a good niche to pursue. Be ready to put in the work that is required. Building wealth has easy principles but implementing them takes a bit of work.

If you stick through the process for a few years, you will be financially well off than most of your age mates if not all of them.

Develop your Skill after Dropping out of College

From the few years I have been studying about making money, the number one barrier that stops people from making money after dropping out of college is the lack of skill.

Trust me, if you don’t have an outstanding ability in a given skill, you will have a hard time making money. The only exception is if you have a college degree.

With a college degree, you can easily ‘cheat’ your way into a job. You will instantly start earning regardless of how poor you are at work.

But for anyone who doesn’t have a college degree, you must have a skill or even better a combination of skills if you want to make money.

For college grads, they market themselves using their degrees but for you, it is your skill that will market you.

If I was to tell you only one thing, it would be this; learn a skill and perfect it.

My writing skill has rescued my finances and is creating a fortune for me even though I dropped out of college.

The young guy I mentioned earlier on in the article dropped out of college but his trading skills have earned him more than what a college degree would earn him.

What Skill should you learn?

There are uncountable skills that can earn you insane money. We have people making a fortune playing the violin. Others are killing it with their salsa dancing skills.

You can make a fortune with absolutely any skill. But then there are basic skills that are a must have if you want to make money.

These are the skills I want you to learn.


The first and arguably the most important skill if you want to make money after dropping out of college is selling. Yes, selling is a skill. Selling involves moving someone from being a casual passerby to being an interested buyer to actually making a sell.

There is no business without selling.

From the billion dollar companies to small individual businesses, making sales is a constant denominator.

If you can master the selling skill, you will open yourself to unlimited opportunities. You may choose to help companies make more sells or you can use the skills to sell your own products.

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It doesn’t matter what you sell provided you have the skill to make sales.

I have applied the selling skill on this blog and accompanied it with my writing skill.

Making sales is a skill you must have.

Presentation Skills

The second set of skills you must learn if you want to make money is presentation skills. These are speaking and writing.

These are skills that help you showcase what you know. You may be a good dancer but you need to present your proposition to a concert organizer for him to invite you to dance in his concert.

You may have to do it over the phone or in person. That means you need proper speaking skills mixed with selling skills for you to sell your art of dancing to the concert organizer.

If you want to teach children skateboarding on video, you need good speaking skills. Or you can use your writing skill to write a tutorial and sell it in form of a book.

At the end of the day, you can only make money if you make a good presentation of the expertise you have.

Money Management Skills

It will be foolish to earn money after dropping out of college yet you can’t manage it. Money is not easy to handle as many people assume.

There are many tales of millionaires who went bankrupt not because they were not earning money but because they were poor managers of money.

Because you want to earn money and become rich, it is necessary to learn the basic skills of money management.

Under money management skills, you will also learn investing skills that will come in handy once you start getting some money in your account.

Investing skills will help you skyrocket your earnings within a short period.

Where to Learn Money Making Skills after Dropping out of College

Though these skills may be intimidating, they are simple to learn. Consistently exposing yourself to helpful knowledge will quickly make you master these skills.

Once you have a hold over these basic skills, you can narrow down your focus. If you want to follow my blogging path, you can get a blogging guide to walk you through step by step.

You can learn the skills I have mentioned above plus thousands of other related skills on this website.

Sign up and start your journey today.

They offer a free trial which you can take advantage of before you start paying.

If you have interest in other skills such as dancing, skating, swimming and cycling, you can still learn them on the website.

Just remember to begin with learning the selling skill, presentation skills and money management skills.

Skills Pay back forever

Learning a skill takes time and effort. But anytime you feel like giving up, remember that the skill you learn today will earn you money for the rest of your life.

Once you master writing, you will be a good writer for the remainder of your life and who knows how much your writing will earn you?

Being a college dropout won’t matter if you master a skill.

I have received uncountable praises from my readers for my fluent articles yet I dropped out of college. You don’t have to attend a literature class to be a good writer.

I’m sure my writing is better than that of many literature graduates.

The website I have told you about has more than enough lessons on writing. Go through them and become a pro writer then watch money flow into your account like crazy.


Life after dropping out of college can be scary especially when you start thinking about how to make money. Thankfully, it is no longer difficult to make money nowadays even after you drop out of college.

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The resources I have shared with you will help you build an income stream that will bring you more than enough money.

In fact, there are many employed graduates who are quitting their jobs to go and learn the skills I have told you about because they crave the freedom that money from such kills brings.

Get ahead of the graduates by starting your journey right away.

You will be surprised at how many of them will come to ask you to teach them how you make money. You may even employ some of them.

A guy with a master’s degree once asked me to teach him how to become a writer yet I didn’t have a college degree.

That is the formula of how to make money after dropping out of college. Take action and watch money flow into your bank account.

All the best!