Reasons why I Dropped out of College & what I learned

I am here to explain why I dropped out of college. These five reasons contributed greatly to my decision to drop out of college.

Dropping out of college taught me many lessons about school and life. Those are the lessons I will be sharing with you in this article.

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Why I Dropped out of College

Picking a wrong course

This was the first reason why I dropped out of college. All the problems I experienced in college traced back to the time I agreed to take an Economics course. Since childhood, I had never thought of doing an economics course.

My interests were in the computing and engineering fields. When it was time to pick a course I would pursue, I insisted on going the computer and engineering route but my Dad asked me to consider economics.

I was 100% sure economics was not for me but for some foolish reason, I decided to enroll for economics and finance.

To cut the long story short, I failed terribly in my first year and decided to drop out.

If you are yet to join college and you want to enjoy your college life, make sure you pick a course that you enjoy. Of course you won’t enjoy everything about your course but then make sure you have passion for most of the things you will learn in your course.

Failing to pick a course that interests you will make your life in college miserable.

Desire to make Money

This is the other reason why I dropped out of college. Most students in college say they want to be rich but college is not where you go to start your journey to become rich.

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College is a routine rite of passage to avoid condemnation by society.

I have not done much research but I know that most rich people could still have become rich without a college degree.

If you want to become rich, go to the marketplace not in a business class in college.

The day I began desiring to become rich, I lost interest in college. I could not think of how college would help me earn the sums of money I wanted to earn.

Sitting in college became a waste of time. I understood why a considerable number of rich people don’t have college degrees. Those that have them never mention their importance in building the wealth.

If you want to make big money, don’t expect college to help you.

Dropping out of College is good sometimes

Anytime I hear someone is thinking of dropping out of college, I normally advise the person to drop out. Dropping out of University has been tainted but it is a good decision for so many people.

When I dropped out of college, I thought I had made the worst mistake of my life. I was in bad shape and my life was miserable.

But as time passed, I began seeing the positive side of dropping out of college. Today, I am grateful to my 19 year old self for choosing to drop out of college.

I know the general society will condemn anyone who drops out of college but trust me, dropping out of college has great benefits.

If you ever come to a point where you are thinking of dropping out of college, don’t be scared to drop out. You will most likely do better in life if you allow yourself to drop out of college than if you force yourself to stay in college when you feel like dropping out.

We go to College for many Reasons

Sometimes parents are really annoying especially when it comes to discussing about college. Sometimes they will want you to do a course you have no interest in just so that they brag to other parents about you. Other times they will want you to go to college when you have no interest in college at all.

After dropping out of college, I was in a wrangle with my dad for a few years. I thought my dad would come to terms with my decision to live life without a college degree but he didn’t.

Eventually, I decided to go back to college for the sake of my relationship with my dad.

If you are feeling forced to be in college and you can endure, do it for your parents. A relationship with parents is precious enough to endure a few years in college for.

However, negotiate terms with them to make your college life much easier. I asked my dad to allow me to take a course in Information Technology after I decided to go back to college. Good for me, he accepted.

Some People are not meant for College

I’m sure you’ve heard the famous phrase ‘College is not for everyone’. Well, that statement is 100% true. If not all people eat candy even though it is sweet, how much less going to college?

I realized I was the type of person who naturally had objections against college. At first I lashed the college philosophy but after I dropped out, I calmed down.

My heart knows that college is not for me even though I eventually went through it.

If you are reading this article and you have every reason why you hate college, don’t worry. You are a normal person. Actually, you are more intelligent than most people.

It is one thing to drop out of college because you don’t have funding but it is a totally different thing to drop out of University because it makes no sense.

If you are not sure whether you are meant for college, check out my article on 5 Signs College is not for you and what to do.

Those are the  reasons why I dropped out of college and what I learned. My experience dropping out of college was bumpy but I am grateful that I came out of it wiser.