How to Know He is Husband Material in 3 Simple Ways

‘I want to know if he is a husband material…’ If this is your concern, I have a solution for you.

As hard as it may seem, knowing if a man is husband material before you marry him is possible. In this article, I will walk you through what you need to do so that you only say yes to the man who will be faithful to you even after he marries you.

To know if a man will be a good husband, there are three key questions you need to ask yourself. The answer to these three questions will make it clear if a man will be a good husband or not.

1. He is Husband Material depending on where you meet him

Good husbands are not everywhere. In fact, good husbands are in very few places. You may be lucky to find a good husband in some unfamiliar place but that only happens once in a blue moon.

Therefore, if you want to find a good husband or you want to know if the man you have will be a good husband, consider where you met him.

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At the Work Place

A common place that you can find a good husband is at his work place. If you find a man at work, it is the first sign that he will be a good husband.

One of the core duties of a husband is to provide for his wife and children. A man who is working already proves that he is in a position to provide for his wife and children.

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It doesn’t matter what work he is doing provided he is committed to it. Almost any work can provide sufficiently for a family.

Husbands who fail to provide for their families are normally lazy. It is not that they have not found a job. A man who loves his family will still provide even when he has no job.

A man who is working, even if he can’t provide sufficiently, he is a promising husband than one who is not working.

At a Fun Place

If you go to a barbecue and happen to meet a charming man, be careful with getting married to such a man. No matter how good he is, be very careful about such a man.

I have witnessed ladies get married to men they met in a party and their marriages became rocky after a while. This is not a mere claim; I’ll explain it…

The Bible in the book of Ecclesiastes says it is better to go to the house of mourning than the house of feasting. The reason being, in the house of mourning, people reflect on life. In the house of feasting, people give no thought to their lives.

Meeting a man in a fun place sets the foundation of your union on a shaky ground where you are not reflecting on life.

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Men who love fun often avoid responsibility. It is unwise to get married to a man you met in a place of fun.

2. He is Husband Material depending on how you meet him

How you come to know a man tells a lot if that man will be a good husband to you or not. When it comes to meeting a man, there are two scenarios; accidentally and intentionally.

Meeting a man accidentally

When I say ‘meeting a man accidentally’, I mean meeting a man without prior intent to meet him. A man you meet without having planned is a sign that he will be a good husband.

Of course this is if you meet the person in a good place that I have discussed above.

A good number of ladies meet men through their friends. You are invited to a function by a friend and while there, you stumble upon a man that is attractive to you.

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A man you meet through a friend is a promising husband. It is even more promising if the man and your friend have been friends for a while.

Just remember that if this happens in a party, you have to think twice about the man.

Meeting a man intentionally

Intentionally going to a place to meet a man you know or any man is not good for finding a man who will be a good husband.

The fact that you went with the intention to get a man already shows that you are desperate for male attention. The men who respond to women who are desperate for male attention are never good husbands.

If your friend recommends a man to you, that too is an intentional act. Falling in love with such a man is a huge risk because you meet him intentionally.

In the beginning stages, it may seem alright being with such a man but be assured that chances of him being a good husband are low.

Don’t be quick to say yes to a man that you schemed to fall in love with.

3. He is Husband Material depending on why he chooses you

A man will fall in love with you for countless reasons but he will stay in love with you for few reasons. The reasons that make a man fall in love with you are not necessarily the ones that will make him stay in love with you.

Therefore, to determine if a man will be a good husband to you, make sure you know why he chose you. If the reason he chose you can be found in another woman, what makes you think he won’t choose the other woman as well?

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Intrinsic reasons

Intrinsic reasons are those reasons that come from within the man. If a man chose you with reasons deep in his heart, you are looking at a man who will be a good husband.

The easy way to know a man chose you for intrinsic reasons is the emphasis he puts on himself for you. A man who chose you for intrinsic reasons knows that to be faithful to you is all about him.

A man working to be a better person for you is how you know he chose you for intrinsic reasons.

Extrinsic reasons

A man who chooses you for extrinsic reasons is not a husband material. This is why I warned you to be careful with a man whom you intentionally planned to meet.

Many men you meet intentionally will love you for extrinsic reasons. It is okay for a man to love you for extrinsic reasons but the problem is that extrinsic reasons can’t keep a man in love with you.

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Some extrinsic reasons are things like a man falling in love with you because your friends say you are a gentle girl.

The approval of your gentleness from your friends is attractive to the man but deep within the man, he has no faith that you are gentle.

After a while in a relationship with such a man, he will forget your goodness.

Avoid men who fall in love with you for extrinsic reasons.

The Easy way to Know if he is Husband Material

What I have told you are the nitty gritty of knowing whether a man is a husband material or not. Remembering all of them when you meet a man is not easy. Making sure all of them tick is even harder.

You will also encounter men who don’t fit the signs that they will be good husbands in future but the turn out to be good husbands.

In other words, I am saying the signs I have outlined above are good for guiding you but to put your whole faith on them may disappoint you.

The surest way to know a man is husband material is by asking God to reveal a good him to you. God is all knowing and He is a loving father.

If you humble yourself before Him, He will guide you to get a man who will be a good husband to you. God himself is already a good husband to you. It makes perfect sense to trust Him to give you a man who is a husband material.

I have written a step by step guide on how you are to pray to God to reveal to you a man who is husband material in this eBook. Get a copy!

There is no better way to be sure that a man will be a good husband to you than to ask God who knows all things to help you.

Here are characteristics of a good husband that you can expect from God.

Trust God!