Is God a Man or Woman?

God is neither a man nor woman. He is neither male nor female. God is perfect. From the human perspective, it is difficult to imagine a being that is neither male nor female. But God is above human understanding.

Gender is God’s design. Our human minds think in twos; for every man, there must be a woman. For light, there must be darkness. But to God, there are no limitations.

God knew that it would be hard for us to understand gender if it was not put in the pattern of twos. That is why He created man and woman.

But of course humans expect God to be subject to the same gender rules. That is, He must be either male or female. But God is beyond the gender rules.

One difference between a man and a woman is the physical appearance. Another difference is their reasoning. But God’s appearance is beyond comprehension and His reasoning beyond our understanding.

We are told in the book of Isaiah that God’s ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts. It is difficult to comprehend the ways of God and His thoughts. The only way we can get a glimpse of them is by comparing them to our thinking.

God’s gender too is beyond what our minds can grasp since there is nothing to compare it to. God understood this and that is why He sent Jesus who appeared as a man.

Gender rules apply to everyone born in the flesh. That is why God had to choose a gender for His Son when He came on earth. God chose that Jesus be born male for reasons known to Him.

Despite Jesus being physically male, He was perfect. This was to help us understand that the gender of God is perfect. Perfect is beyond what we can understand.

If you are wondering if God is a man or woman, know that God is perfect.