How We Will Live in Heaven without Disagreements

A believer once asked me, ‘How shall we live in heaven considering that men can’t live together in perfect peace?’

According to the life we are used to here on earth, it is unimaginable that men can live together for years upon years without ever disagreeing on something.

The idea of believers going to heaven where everything is perfect is puzzling to some. But here is what the Spirit of God wants us to know.

Peace is a Fruit of the Spirit of God

Peace is a direct result of having the Spirit of God. The Bible is clear when it states that two cannot walk together unless they agree (Amos 3:3). Peace only comes where there is agreement.

If all believers have the spirit of God, why do we not all agree? The reason why some believers don’t live in peace with one another is because they are not fully submitted to the Spirit of God.

Jesus said in the world there is tribulation but in Him there is peace (John 16:33). The Spirit of God leads us into the whole ‘Truth’ who is Jesus. When we are one with Christ, we get to enjoy the perfect peace that is in Him.

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But believers who have some parts of their lives still inclined towards the world will certainly experience tribulation just as Jesus promised.

We as the body of Christ are being prepared. This preparation includes teaching us to fully submit to the Spirit of God. Once a believer is perfectly submitted to the Holy Spirit, he obtains the full measure of the fruit of the Spirit which includes peace.

Selfish ambitions cause wrangles among believers. The selfish ambitions come from the human desire to be great. Remember at one time the disciples of Jesus argued about who among them was the greatest (Luke 9:46).

But we see a different Spirit in John the Baptist who said ‘He must increase but I must decrease’ (John 3:30). He also acknowledges that a man can have nothing unless it is given to him from heaven (John 3:27).

John the Baptist was filled by the Spirit of God from the time he was in the womb (Luke 1:15). By the time he got to baptize Jesus, he had been molded to perfect submission to the Spirit of God.

Likewise for us believers, by the time Jesus returns, we will be perfected in our submission to the Holy Spirit. Our sinful nature will be completely destroyed.

We will join the Holy Trinity

God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are one. It is the design of God the Father that men join the trinity. Jesus in His prayer for His disciples prays that we may be one with Him just as He is one with the Father (John 17:21).

Jesus had earlier on stated that He and the Father are one (John 10:30). By the guidance of the Holy Spirit, believers are to be made into the exact nature of Jesus. Once we attain the perfect nature of Jesus, we will then join the Holy Trinity for eternity.

The Psalmist clearly states that we are gods (Psalms 82:6). It is also written that we shall judge the angels (1st Corinthians 6:3). Another verse states that we are seated with Christ in heavenly places (Ephesians 2:6).

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All these scriptures are referring to the fact that we shall join the holy trinity and rule just as God rules. As we know, God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit dwell in perfect peace.

They are united in every little decision. The reason being that the Son and the Holy Spirit are in full submission of the Father’s will. Jesus made it clear when He agreed to die on the cross even though He had an option of refusing.

In the garden of gethsemane, He prays that the cup of suffering be taken away from Him but insists that the will of the Father be done and not His.

While talking to His disciples just before He is arrested, Jesus tells them that He can call for a legion of Angels to come but chooses not to so that the scriptures might be fulfilled (Matthew 26:53).

The perfect peace that God has ordained that men dwell in can only be attained once we fully submit to the will of the Father. Remember that is the same will that Jesus is submitted to even today.

The Spirit of God knows the perfect will of the Father and that is why He is our guide. So, by yielding to the Holy Spirit, you automatically walk in the will of the Father. And as you walk in the Father’s will, you become at peace with Him.

When all believers walk in the will of the Father, our paths can never cross. When all selfish ambitions are destroyed, we will have only one agenda which is to glorify the Father.

Therefore, as an individual, seek to walk in the will of God. The Father Has already made it clear that He has good plans for us, plans to prosper us and give us an expected end.

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It is also written that the commands of the Lord are not burdensome (1st John 5:3). By allowing the plans of God to prevail in our lives and by obeying His commands, we get perfected and we live in perfect unity with one another.

God is so eager to be united with us. He has invested so much just to get us. Let us not harden our hearts but instead open up to His salvation.

Call from God

It grieves God when believers turn against one another. There is only one truth and that is Jesus. Anytime there is a disagreement between believers, they are to ask Jesus the way forward.

Provided we walk in submission to God, there can never be any disagreement. God’s call over your life can never be in conflict with God’s call for another believer. The call is just one only that it is manifested in different ways.

God has distributed His gifts according to our ability. What you have belongs to you. Love others with their gifts whether greater or lesser than yours.

In the end, when the Father is glorified, we will all rejoice.

May God bless you and give you the grace to walk in His will!