How to Market a New Blog Free of Charge

The internet has many ways through which you can market your new blog free of charge. Marketing a blog is one of the necessary steps in creating a successful blog.

Since marketing a blog is so important, there are many approaches that are used. Some types of blogs are easier to market using some methods compared to other blogs.

I will walk you through the main methods of marketing a blog online and show you which types of blogs are best suited for each of the methods.

Marketing a New Blog on Search Engines

Marketing on search engines is the natural way of marketing your blog. With this type of marketing, you may not actively market your blog but still get thousands of views a month.

A search engine is a website where people go to search for other blogs. The most common search engine is Google. The websites that you search on Google belong to individuals.

Google scrolls through billions of links on the internet to find people’s blogs and then they list them based on the user’s search term.

This is why I said you can still get thousands of views to your blog from search engines without actively marketing your blog. Search engines are always looking for new blogs to rank them.

Provided you have written helpful articles on your blog, search engines will find your articles and rank them. If you get ranked high in the search engines, you will get consistent blog readers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

For you to rank high on search engines, you have to optimize your articles. Search engines use many factors to determine which blog ranks first, second, third and so on.

Tuning your blog to meet the factors that make search engines rank you high is called search engine optimization. In short it’s called SEO.

The main considerations of search engines in ranking blog articles are keywords used in an article and links around the internet that point to an article.

You will often hear bloggers mention keyword research and link-building. These are the main ways of optimizing a blog post to be ranked high on search engines.

In general, a blog post with words matching the search term of a user on a search engine will appear above blog posts that don’t have the words the user is searching for.

For you to find an article like this one on search engines, you need to search for phrases that talk about marketing a blog on the internet.

Link-building involves other blogs linking to you. The links pointing to you are called backlinks. Generally, more links pointing to you show that your blog has good content. Search engines will rank your blog favorably because of that.

Search engine optimization is a huge field with a lot to learn. Once you master search engine optimization, you will get readers from search engines to your blog without sweating.

Marketing a New Blog on Social Media

Marketing on social media is less natural than other forms of marketing your blog. With social media marketing, you need to constantly share your content for you to get blog readers.

Different social media channels favor different types of blogs. Below are the common social media channels and types of blogs that do well on them.


Markting blogs on pinterest is popular. Many blogs get readers from pinterest. I know blogs who only market their content on pinterest but still manage to bring in thousands of readers every month.

Pinterest is a social media platform for sharing images. These images, also called pins, allow a blogger to insert links to an article.

When users on pinterest click on an image, they are redirected to the blog post the image is linked to.

Pinterest is mostly used by women. Blogs that talk about feminine topics are more likely to succeed on the platform compared to other types of blogs.

If your blog talks about motherhood, parenting, home decorating, fashion and such topics, pinterest is the best place for you to market your blog.


Facebook used to be the social media platform of choice to market new blogs but things changed. Nowadays, not so many people use Facebook to market blogs compared to past years.

However, Facebook remains a good social media platform for you to market your new blog. There are many restrictions for posting links on Facebook but you can still find a way to reach a considerable number of blog readers.

These days, the most common way I see bloggers market themselves on Facebook is by creating a Facebook page.

Facebook works well with any type of blog. Facebook users are mixed up. You will find teenagers, adults, males and females there.


Quora is the leading question and answer forum on the internet. While it is not popular among bloggers for getting traffic, it is a good source of traffic.

If you run a blog that answers questions, your blog has a good chance of succeeding on Quora. I once had a blog that got readers primarily from Quora.

When the blog was at its peak, it was getting about 20,000 readers a month.

Quora users are mainly males who love knowledge. A blog with deep knowledge will appeal to a majority of the audience on Quora.


Though YouTube is not a typical social media platform, it works like one. You can market your new blog on YouTube by creating a YouTube channel.

It is easier to get views on YouTube than it is to get readers on a blog. You can create a YouTube channel then use it to drive traffic to your blog.

YouTube requires video shooting and editing skills. Though it can be a good source of traffic for your blog, it can be hard for beginners.

Any type of blog can get traffic from YouTube just the same way there are all sorts of channels on the platform.

Marketing a New Blog Conclusion

Marketing a new blog is a matter of trial and error. It is not easy to know which marketing strategy will work well for your blog.

Most blogs have multiple sources of traffic. You can focus on one strategy and let other sources of traffic bring you traffic naturally.

In the end, it is consistency with one marketing strategy that will bring you thousands of readers on your blog. Put in work and be patient.

All the best!