How to make Money Blogging in UK

Making money through blogging in the UK is a lucrative business. Though the procedure of making money through blogging barely changes from one country to another, there are few things you need to consider if you want to make money blogging in the UK.

If you want the procedure of creating a blog, you can read it here. I have outlined five steps you need to follow to create a successful blog.

In this article, I will walk you through aspects of a blog that you need to pay attention to as a blogger in the UK.

Blog Traffic from the UK

In blogging, the country your readers come from is of great significance. Starting a blog as a UK citizen means that majority of your articles will have an inclination to the UK culture.

Naturally, other citizens of the UK will relate to your blog content. Readers from other countries may not relate to some of the aspects of your blog post.

Since your blog is accessible from all countries, it is advisable to target the UK audience.

Targeting Blog readers from the UK

To target blog readers from the UK, write articles that address issues that are faced by people in the UK. Think of a website like BBC; since it talks about UK news, most of its readers are UK citizens.

You don’t have to write news about UK to get readers from the UK. You can talk about general topics of your choice but tailor them to suit readers in the UK.

In the examples you give in your articles, use examples that UK citizens understand. This article I am writing talks about blogging, which is a general topic but I have tailored it to suit UK citizens.

It is virtually impossible to have 100% of your blog readers from UK. What you need is at least more than half of your readers to be from the UK.

The Value of Traffic from the UK

It is advisable to get your traffic from the UK because it will be easier for you to make money from people you understand than strangers.

Especially if you are a beginner, convincing people from your own country will be easier than convincing people from other countries.

Also, you will be making deals and you don’t want to cross borders unless you have to.

Traffic from the UK on a blog is one of the most valuable in the blogging industry. Since UK is a first world country, many companies want to advertise to them.

UK also has a developed economy, which gives her citizens greater purchasing power than many other countries. Because UK citizens can buy products, companies value them highly.

Affiliate Companies in the UK

When you have created your blog and majority of its readers are from the UK, it will require you to advertise UK companies to make the most money.

UK citizens are familiar with UK companies. Advertising companies in the UK to your readers will mean your readers see familiar brands.

Since humans prefer familiar things, your readers are likely to buy products you recommend. The more purchases your readers make, the more money you make.

It will also be easier for you to partner with many companies that are based in the UK. UK based companies will be willing to partner with you because your readers are primarily from the UK.

Some companies that partner with bloggers avoid making deals with bloggers who have majority of their readers from a foreign country.

Crossing borders in an affiliate agreement comes with many challenges that some companies are not willing to put up with.

Tax laws can become complicated for companies that partner with bloggers that are not within their country.

If you base your blog in the UK, you will be a sweetheart to UK based companies.

Receiving Payments

If your blog has majority of its readers from within UK and you are partnered with UK companies, it will be easy for you to receive payments. The companies you partner with will easily deposit money in your bank account without hassles.

Sending payments to international bank accounts can be costly. Many charges are involved and the money you earn may significantly reduce.

Taxes for Bloggers in the UK

Bloggers pay taxes too. If you create a successful blog and start collecting paychecks every month, the government will want a share.

Each country has its own tax laws for money earned online. As a blogger in the UK, consult with a financial advisor specialized in taxes.

Taxes are often complicated. Two bloggers can be paying different amounts of tax based on many factors. The last thing you want as a blogger is to give the government more money than you are required to.

For ethics sake, don’t use schemes to avoid paying tax. Be a responsible blogger and be honest with your income.

Your tax records will be easier to update if you are partnered with UK companies. Some of the companies may even guide you on how to pay taxes. Your income will most likely be taxed like the normal salary of the employees of the company you are partnered with.


Creating a blog based in the UK is a good idea. There are thousands of bloggers in the UK who make a full time income from their blogs. You can be among them if you put in the work.

However, you can still create a blog that is not UK specific even when you live in the UK. There are many bloggers around the world who have created blogs that address readers who are not in their home country.

Creating a multinational blog has its advantages and disadvantages. You can learn from those who are doing it if you want to follow that route.

All in all, blogging is a great business. In whatever way you choose to do it, provided you stick to the plan, you will reap the fruit of your labor.

Find your space in blogging and start your journey today. The earlier you begin, the more time you will have to correct mistakes.

All the best!