How to Find Topics to Write about in your Blog Post

There are millions of topics that you can blog about. The internet has millions of blogs but many topics are yet to be covered.

For new bloggers, it can feel like there is a blog for every topic. But if you have a keen eye, you will realize that what blogs have covered is only a small portion of all the available topics.

In my early days of blogging, I struggled to find topics that had not been written about. But then I realized that even topics that had been covered by many blogs still had many areas that were yet to be covered.

The challenge with finding topics to write about on your blog is not the lack of topics but rather the lack of a strategy to find topics not yet covered.

In this article, I will show you a simple method that I use to uncover topics to write on my blog and concepts you need to understand. The method is so simple; it takes me a few minutes to come up with a topic.

No Perfect Topic for Blog Post

The biggest hindrance most bloggers encounter when it comes to finding blog topics to write about is looking for the perfect topic. I won’t say the perfect topic for a blog doesn’t exist but I know that finding it can take a lifetime.

I have seen blogs that had less than ten articles but they were generating thousands of views. We can say such blogs found the perfect topics to write about. But I am sure the owner of such a blog didn’t know the topic was perfect until he wrote about it.

Therefore, stop trying to find the best topic to write about. If you get lucky with one of the topics of your blog, thank God. What I know is that most bloggers are not so lucky.

Your work is to find a blog topic that fits a given criteria and write about it. It is in the multitude of your blog posts that you will get lucky.

Another fact that most new bloggers don’t know is that only a small bunch of your articles will bring traffic. You may write one hundred articles and get fifty thousand page views per month but five of your articles bring more than 80% of the traffic.

I once read a report of a blogger who had two of his articles attracting 60,000 page views per month. The entire blog was getting 70,000 page views per month.

In his report he said if he knew that the two articles would bring in that much traffic, he wouldn’t bother to write the rest. But he had to write all those failed articles for him to stumble upon the two winner articles.

The Purpose of your Blog Post

Another important aspect to understand when you are looking for a topic to blog about is the purpose of the article you want to write. Articles on a blog serve different purposes. There is no single article that can serve all purposes.

One article will be good for attracting readers from social media. Another will be good for attracting traffic from search engines. Other articles are good for building a relationship with your readers.

There are different purposes that you need to aim for when you are researching a topic to write about on your blog.

Making Money

One of the top priorities for bloggers is to make money. This means that a portion of your articles have to be geared towards making money.

Many types of articles can make money but some are tuned to make more money than others. If you will put ads on your blog, the topic of your article will determine how much you earn per click.

Some topics earn as much as $5 per click while others as low as $0.02 per click.

If you intend to make money through affiliate marketing, you will need to write an article that markets a product that has a high commission.

Getting Traffic

Bloggers want many readers on their blog. Readers come through different means. Some blog topics attract more people than others. This is why you need to have a portion of your articles specifically aimed at getting readers.

Some blog topics do well on social media while others do well on Google search. If you want to get readers from social media, write an article that is geared towards attracting readers from social media.

Some blog topics may have stiff competition of Google but little competition on Social Media. If you write articles for such topics, make sure the articles are tuned for social media.

For example, entertainment content does well o social media. Educational content does well on Google. When people want memes, they go to social media. When they want to do research, they go to Google.

Getting Backlinks

Backlinks are important in building the authority of your website. If you want to earn free links, write articles on topics that attract backlinks.

Links often come to articles that have in-depth information on a topic. Most of the time, the information that attracts backlinks is unpopular.

The unpopularity of the information that attracts backlinks means that few people search for it. This is why articles that attract backlinks do poorly in attracting readers.

The few readers who come to such articles are mostly interested in the knowledge they get which means they may not earn you much money.

Method for Finding Topics for your Blog Post

When you understand the aspects of a blog post that I have discussed above, you will have a stronger intuition. Once you know what you want an article to achieve, picking a topic won’t be difficult.

In my simple method, the first step is to put my common sense to work.

Step 1: Putting Common Sense to Work

If you have a blog that is not getting readers, common sense dictates that you write more articles that are geared towards attracting more traffic.

In fact, for a blogger that is starting out, the first articles should be geared towards bringing traffic. Go on social media and see which topics have many followers. If a topic has many followers on social media, you have a high chance of getting many readers if you write about that topic.

If you have readers on your blog but you are not making much money, the logical thing to do is write articles that are geared towards making money. You can go to companies that sell products within your niche and see if popular products have been reviewed.

If there are no sufficient reviews, your next articles should be reviews of those products.

Your intuition will grow the more you put it to work. A little thinking will give you an idea of the type of article that should be written.

Step 2: The Actual Search of a Topic

After you determine the type of blog post you need to write, the next step is to determine your chances of success with that topic.

You don’t need your chances of success with a topic to be 100% for you to write about it. Instead, you only need enough conviction to get you writing. Remember the first concept I discussed.

Instead of writing each article expecting it to do well, come up with a fixed number of articles you want to write around the same topic and expect only one or two articles to do well.

If your article is geared for social media, do a little search for the exact topic of your blog post on that social media platform. See what other bloggers who wrote about that topic did and copy.

If you want an article on a given topic to do well on Google, do a search on Google of that exact topic. See what types of blogs come up to get an idea of what you need to do if you want to succeed in the same space.

Finding Blog Post Topic Conclusion

At the end of the day, an average blog post written about a given topic is better than a perfect blog post not written on the same topic. Though researching a topic for your blog post is important, writing your blog post is the most important thing.

Therefore, you have to come to terms with the fact that you will be writing articles that you feel you have not researched properly. Don’t stress yourself with endless research. Do what you can.

All the best!