How to become an Evangelist (Requirements)

There are questions that arise when you are learning how to become an evangelist. Getting the right answer to the questions that arise determines how successful you become as an evangelist.

Becoming an evangelist is both a theoretical and practical study. The qualifications of becoming one are both spiritual and physical.

The intertwining can make learning how to become an evangelist challenging. But in this article, I will guide you step by step as I provide answers to common questions that arise when you want to become an evangelist.

How to become an Evangelist

Do you need a License to become an Evangelist?

You don’t need any license to become an evangelist. An evangelist is a servant of God. If there is any license you need, it is the license from God. Once God has called you to evangelize, you don’t need any man to approve your calling.

After all, from history, we see that most evangelists faced rejection. Even the government officials you may assume you need to get an evangelism license from need to be evangelized to.

Therefore, if you want to become an evangelist, don’t bother about getting a license. Take your time in prayer and let God prepare you.

You can find more about preparing for evangelism in this article.

Once God has prepared you to be an evangelist, whether you get a license from authorities or not, you are already an evangelist.

There are definitely some believers who will insist on getting a license if you have been called to be an evangelist but that is optional.

Having a license as an evangelist may save you from some confrontations but it is unlikely that not having a license to evangelize will stop the work of God.

Either way, the most important thing for an evangelist is to win souls to Christ whether you are licensed or not.

Do you need a Degree to become an Evangelist?

You do not need a college degree of any kind to become an evangelist. Becoming an evangelist is a calling from God that has nothing to do with a degree.

I know there are those who advocate for evangelists to get a degree in theology citing that it will help one become a better evangelist. While their argument is not wrong, it is also not a necessity.

God is able to teach anyone to become an evangelist even if the person doesn’t have a degree. After all, God is the source of all knowledge.

The idea of having a degree for you to be an effective evangelist springs from the fact that it takes faith for you to learn from God.

That level of faith may be too high for some people to achieve. That is why, for such people, it is recommended to get a theology degree.

The case of Apostle Paul whom many cite that he was learned before God called him doesn’t mean you need to have a degree for God to use you as an evangelist.

God will call anyone with whatever qualifications they have. God may choose to use or not use the qualifications of an individual whom He has called to be an evangelist.

Therefore, if you are in a position to get a college degree and you want one, go get it but remember that you don’t become an evangelist because you have a degree.

Can anyone become an Evangelist?

Yes, anyone can become an evangelist. In fact, everyone is called to evangelize. It is just that some people accept the call while others reject it.

When Jesus was leaving, He commanded us to go into the world and preach the gospel to all creatures baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

This command was given to all believers.

The work of preaching the gospel to all nations is what we call evangelism. I know that today evangelism and preaching has been labeled as the duty of a few chosen individuals but that is not how Jesus intentioned it to be.

God designed evangelism to happen at all levels by all people who believe in Jesus. If you are an employee, God expects that you spread the gospel to your fellow workers where you are employed.

If you are a father, God expects that you spread the gospel to your children and their mother. For those who are students, God expects you to evangelize on campus.

Do Evangelists have to be Ordained?

Yes. Evangelists have to be ordained for them to spread the gospel. However, it is God who does the ordaining. If God chooses one of His servants to ordain an evangelist, it will be so. But in other cases, God instructs someone directly to start evangelizing without anyone ordaining him.

Whether someone is ordained by servants of God or not is not important. The important thing is if God has called someone to evangelize and if the person called obeys.

If you want to go out and evangelize, all you need is God’s approval. If it is necessary to have a servant of God lay hands on you to ordain you, God will direct you.

But waiting for a servant of God to send you out to evangelize before you go is not necessary. Jesus already sent all of us out to go and preach the gospel. We don’t need anyone else to send us again.

After all, no servant of God has greater authority than Jesus who sent all of us in to the world to preach the gospel in the first place.


Becoming an evangelist is both an act of God calling you and learning from God’s servants how to be effective.

However, you must know that God’s act of calling you to be an evangelist is greater than learning from His servants. If you must follow one route, let it be that of God’s call.

By Jesus sending us into the world, He approved our calling as evangelists. If you wake up one day and go out to evangelize, Jesus will be responsible for your life. It is His gospel that you are preaching.

You become an evangelist by obeying the command that Jesus gave us to go into the world and spread the gospel.