How to Decide the Number of Blog Posts to Publish per Week

The question in the head of most bloggers is how many blog posts they should publish per week on their blogs for them to be successful.

Is there a number of blog posts that if you write per week, you have a great chance of succeeding as a blogger?

Blogging is a business. There are many aspects of it that rely on you to make a choice. Unfortunately, no one can tell you how many blog posts are good for you to write per week for success.

Because you are the author of your own blog and you know what you want to achieve with it, you are the best person to decide how many blog posts should be published per week.

The good thing is that there are thousands of blogs that are wildly successful yet they publish a different number of blog posts per week.

In this article, I will guide you on deciding how many blog posts you need to publish per week for you to see success with your blog.

Factors to consider in deciding how many Blog Posts to Publish per Week

1. Time available for Writing

Some bloggers work on their blogs full time. Others work on them part time. A full time blogger obviously has more time to publish articles compared to a part time blogger.

When deciding how many blog posts per week you need to publish, consider if you are a full time blogger or part time blogger.

In general, a full time blogger is likely to become successful with his blog sooner than a part time blogger. There is no need for you to struggle to keep up with the publishing schedule of a full time blogger if you are a part time blogger.

Accept your blogging strategy and enjoy its benefits.

The time it takes to write a blog post comes down to various aspects such as the typing speed of the blogger, his knowledge of the topic, the length of the blog post etc.

One blogger may decide to be write two blog posts per week each having a minimum of 2500 words. Another may choose to write five blog posts per week each having 1000 words.

At the end of the week, the two bloggers have the same number of words published but they have a different number of blog posts.

The most important thing is that you consider such factors when deciding how many blog posts you want to publish per week.

2. Research Time

Researching blog posts to write is a critical step. A poorly researched article is barely any better than no article at all. What is the point of having one hundred articles if only two are attracting readers and earning you money.

Such a success rate is poor. Though it is difficult to hit high success rates with your blog posts, if you spend sufficient time researching, you will have a decent success rate.

If you prefer doing in depth research before writing an article, it will be hard for you to churn out many blog posts per week.

On the other hand, shallow research will allow you publish many blog posts per week but you run the risk of having a low hit rate with your blog posts.

Therefore, depending on your personality, decide the optimal number of blog posts to write per week for your blog.

Don’t feel guilty if you can only publish two articles per week provided that is your personality. On the other hand, don’t waste time doing unnecessary research if you are naturally a person who prefers quantity over quality.

In the end, it all comes down to your personality.

3. Editing Time

Just like research time, editing time is a major determinant of how many blog posts you publish per week. Some bloggers post articles that require much editing. Others publish simple articles that require very little editing.

The editing of an article not only covers grammar but also the insertion of images and links. Articles that have good images and are properly interlinked perform well than plain articles in most cases.

Putting in extra effort to make your blog post a rich resource is rewarding. However, it comes at a cost. Creating a rich blog post requires more time than an average blog post.

This comes back to the point of personality; if you prefer fewer details in an article, you are welcome to publish many averagely edited blog posts per week.

There is an advantage of having many averagely edited articles on your blog just as there are disadvantages.

Some bloggers have a template of images they use in their blog posts. The templates make creating images for their blog posts easy. The ease enables them create good quality images without spending too much time.

Others have an interlinking strategy that saves them time. That too enables them save time.

Creating a Weekly Blog Post Publishing Routine

As many factors as you will want to consider when deciding the number of blog posts to publish per week, the most important thing is to create a routine.

A routine is good in that it helps you avoid time wasting. It is better to be writing two blog posts per week consistently than trying to publish ten blog posts per week if you can’t sustain such a publishing schedule.

A good weekly blog post publishing routine should be enjoyable. As a blogger, you should look forward to a new week because of your routine.

Routines produce good results if you follow them faithfully. The worst choice you can make as a blogger is to work without a routine.

It is also important for you to know that there is no blog post publishing routine that does not have disadvantages. Even the routines that successful bloggers use still have disadvantages.

Therefore, don’t wear yourself out trying to create a weekly blog post publishing routine that has no disadvantages.

The best routine for you is one that you can follow without burning out. Remember that you can always adjust your routine.

Instead of sitting down to set up a routine, start writing naturally and see how many blog posts you can produce per week without straining.

Set a minimum number of blog posts you want to publish per week and see for how long you can sustain such a routine.

That is the best way to come up with a blog post publishing routine.

All the best!