This is how long it takes to become a Successful Blogger

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How long it takes to become a successful blogger is dependent on a number of factors. These factors range from the mindset of the blogger to how lucky one gets.

Some bloggers do everything right but luck is not on their side. In the end, their blogs take long to succeed. Other bloggers get lucky and see success early.

While it is hard to control how lucky you get in blogging, you can control how soon factors that determine the success of a blog work for you.

The time it takes for you to become a successful blogger is tied to the factors that make a successful blog and how lucky you get.

The first step in becoming a successful blogger is by learning the factors that make a blog successful. Once you know the factors and you align your blog, all you have to do is work until the day you get lucky.

Factors that determine how long it takes to become a Successful Blogger

1. Quantity of Blog Posts

Success in blogging heavily depends on the number of blog posts on your blog. The fewer blog posts you have, the less the chance of success.

Since it is almost impossible to tell which blog post will perform well and which one won’t perform well, the only sure way of increasing your chances of success is by having many blog posts.

Some people may interpret many blog posts to be 50, others 100 and even others 1000. The point here is that the more blog posts, the greater the chances of becoming a successful blogger.

The time you become a successful blogger is the time you will have enough blog posts to earn you a good sum of money every month.

If you can generate fifty blog posts in one month, you have fifty chances of success. If you generate a thousand blog posts in three years, you have 1000 chances of success.

The choice is yours.

2. Quality of Blog Posts

Quality of blog posts matters in determining how soon you become a successful blogger. A successful blog must have quality content.

If quantity of blog posts was the only factor for success, what would stop bloggers from using AI to generate hundreds of spun articles and make money?

But since the quality of blog posts matters, it means that the sooner you hit a quality standard in your blog posts that your readers love, the sooner you become a successful blogger.

If you are starting a blog because you are a passionate writer, you have an added advantage in this area. Chances are that you may hit the needed quality in your blog posts right from your first article.

If you are a beginner in writing articles, it will definitely take you a while before you get to the quality that your readers will love.

Regardless of your writing skills, you can always become a successful blogger if you choose to train. Writing is like any other skill that you can learn.

3. Topic Choice

Some topics in blogging take longer to master, which means success for people blogging in that topic takes longer.

A topic that has stiff competition will likely take longer for a new blogger to breakthrough. There are topics in blogging that you can’t stand a chance blogging about unless you have years of experience.

Other topics are simple and have little competition. In such topics, you only need a few average articles and you will start seeing signs of success.

This is why choosing a topic to blog about is a critical step when starting a blog. There are many bloggers who have failed not because they got many things wrong but just because they picked a topic that was hard.

Competition in a topic is one of the factors that determine how easy it is for a new blogger to succeed. The depth of knowledge needed in a topic is the other factor.

Picking a topic that requires three weeks’ research to write one article will make blogging success take long. At that pace, how long will it take you to get sufficient quantity of blog posts to see success?

Picking a simple topic that you have a wide range of knowledge on will help you generate articles quicker, which increases your chances of success.

4. Marketing Strategy

You may create good content for your blog within a short time but still wait for long to see success if your marketing strategy is long term.

Some blog marketing strategies take many months to start bringing traffic. Other strategies take a few days. In most cases, long term marketing strategies are more consistent in the number of readers they bring compared to short term marketing strategies.

In blogging, search engine optimization is the most common long term method of getting traffic. Social media marketing is the short term marketing strategy.

If you want to stand a chance to start making money from your blog in the first few months, use social media marketing. If you are ready to wait for a year and a few months to start making money from your blog, lean heavily on search engine optimization.

Many of the blog success reports you come across where a blogger claims to have started making $1000 in his third month of blogging are normally blogs using social media marketing.

5. Mode of Monetization

Just like marketing strategies, monetization strategies also determine how long it takes to become a successful blogger. Since success in blogging is measured primarily by how much money you make, the mode of making money on your blog is a strong factor in determining how soon you become successful as a blogger.

The most common way of making money from a blog is through display advertising. This is a simple method that can start earning you money from the first day provided you have a good number of readers.

Other methods like affiliate marketing and selling your own digital products takes a bit longer since they require more skill than setting up display ads.

The more complicated a method of making money is, the more the money it will make you once you grasp it.

I once came across a blog that was making over $10,000 a month from 15,000 page views. The blog was using only one strategy of making money called lead generation.

Lead generation is one of the least used methods to make money from a blog. It is complicated but if you master it, you don’t need much traffic to make a lot of money.

If the same blog was monetized by ads, the blogger would be lucky to be making $300 a month from it.

How Long it Takes to Become a Successful Blogger Conclusion

Depending on the type of blog you start, based on the above factors, you can estimate how long it takes to become a successful blogger.

On average, a brand new blogger takes three to five years to start making serious money. If you buy a blogging course, you may cut down the length of time to about a year and a half.

The skills you have prior to starting a blog can also shorten the time it takes you to become successful in blogging.

However, the most important thing is for you to know that success in blogging is determined by both hard work and luck.

No one has full control over when he becomes successful blogging. All you can do is put in the work and hope for the best.

All the best!