How does the Devil Steal Our Time?

How the devil steals our time. We know that the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy. But how exactly does he steal?

The devil steals our time by deceiving us to pursue vain things. In Biblical terms, the devil deceives us to chase after the wind.

All the pleasures of this world do not satisfy. Spending our entire lives pursuing them is a waste of time.

The time we have been allocated here on earth is for us to prove our faith in God. That is the purpose of life.

The devil knows that at the end of our lives we will have to give account of how we spent our time to God. Those who wasted time on pleasuring themselves at the expense of serving God will be condemned. Those who used their time to serve God will receive their reward.

With this knowledge, the devil has introduced all manner of pleasures and pursuits in an attempt to blind us from serving God with the little time we have here on earth.

By far the best tool the devil uses to waste our time is money. Instead of seeking God, many have turned to seek money.

Jesus warned us that we cannot serve God and money; we will either love one and hate the other or we will be committed to one and despise the other.

Many have despised serving God and committed themselves to seeking money. What they don’t know is that money is a distraction that the devil is using to keep them busy so that they don’t serve God.

How many people have had chances of doing good but they didn’t do it just because there was no possibility of them earning money?

Therefore, as an individual, make it a priority to do good without expecting to earn anything in return. Spend your time to build your relationship with God and worry not about what you shall eat or drink.