Here is the Source of Most Problems in the World

the cause of world problemsThe world we live in has many problems. Everyday people wake up to try to solve some of the problems. But the problems only seem to increase.

For thousands of years, human beings have tried to put to an end problems in the world. But as you know, no generation has managed yet.

From a biblical standpoint, these problems began when the first man Adam and his wife Eve ate the forbidden fruit. God pronounced curses and they still have effect today.

God sent His son Jesus to live like a man on earth to redeem what was lost. When Jesus came, the world didn’t spare Him of problems either.

In fact, things were worse for Him. He lived in poverty and though He was God’s son, people barely listened to Him.

That shows just how cruel this world is. If it did not spare God’s son, who do you think will escape?

Have you not heard of the rich languishing is problems when we expect them to be having none? We often assume that money will solve all of our problems. Time and again that has been proven to be false.

Because of the intensity of problems, people have gone in search of all manner of things hoping to end their problems. The most saddening of all is when people opt for suicide. They think that by ending their lives they will end all the problems.

Does it work? No! It makes matters worse. Despite the seemingly hopeless situation we are in as inhabitants of the earth, there is hope. Great hope I say.

The first step of dealing with the problems in the world is learning them. Learn the source of problems and from there we can think of how to solve them.

The source of problems is in plain sight. It is among us. It even surprises why very few people have discovered it.

The Source of World Problems

Majority of life problems are a result of relationships. Yes, relationships. The root of almost all chaos and problems springs from relationships that go wrong.

Relationships with our neighbors, our families, our life partners, business partners, travel partners, friends, classmates, pets, property and many other things.

We are created social beings. We cannot survive without relationships. And because we heavily rely on these relationships, anytime they go wrong, they impact our lives greatly.

Take an example of a family relationship. The husband, the wife and children. Problems begin when the father of the husband doesn’t like his son’s wife. The wife fights to own his husband while the father fights to own his son.

We cannot tell how far the fighting can go. In some cases it may end up in court, in other cases it may end up in divorce. Rarely will it end in a peaceful reconciliation.

Assume it ends up in court, the court expenses weigh heavily on the family. Children of the family struggle with their life because of the financial strain. Soon they seek their own freedom from the family.

Who knows what they may end up doing to earn a living? Who knows if their desire to leave home will not make their family disagreements worse?

Maybe the only reason their mom has not opted for a divorce is because of the children. When they leave, she immediately files a divorce, which sends the man into depression.

This is just an example of how one flawed relationship between a father in-law and a daughter in-law may end up. In no time, the flawed relationship gathers momentum and becomes complicated.

On its path, it drags in people who had nothing to do with the problem. That is how problems grow.

If one relationship can cause such havoc, imagine how many flawed relationships one person is involved in. The same father in-law involved in this case may be a businessman. Imagine how many flawed business relationships he has.

In the end, one person can cause so many problems. The sad thing is majority of people barely reconcile after a relationship goes wrong.

Wars in the World

When we move away from relationship flaws involving individuals, still we have international relationships. Countries, just like individuals, have flawed relationships.

The result is endless wars. One country supports another country to beat up a third country.

Other nations accuse others for what they consider evil while those accused justify their ways. The result is hatred and wars day in day out.

Jesus spoke about nations rising against nation and kingdom against kingdom in the last days. The source of all the wars is simply broken relationships.

The way of reconciliation is tough. Many people prefer war. Everyone is arming himself anticipating for the next attack from a neighbor.

Analyze your Problems

Check out the problems you go through. Chances are that most of those problems are coming from a certain flawed relationship.

People assume having no money is the biggest problem. But in reality, people seek money to try and solve most of their problems.

A man who is in court for murder charges wants money to pay his lawyer whom he hopes can help him avoid a life sentence. But the man, in the first place, committed murder because of a flawed relationship.

Going to court and all the problems of this man are only a result of a flawed relationship. If you feel your life is full of problems, check your relationships.

The amount of problems you have is directly a result of how healthy your relationships are. People with more healthy relationships will definitely have less trouble than those with many flawed relationships.

As much as we cannot have a perfect relationship with anything, we can avoid most of the problems that result from our relationships.

A man who has a good relationship with his friends will have them back him up when he gets problems with his marriage. One good relationship can salvage many other relationships.

Sadly, in most cases, people with bad relationships tend to have all other relationships bad and those with good relationships tend to have most of their relationships good.

Some people feel as if the world hates them but in reality, they have not learned to relate with others.

For example, men will naturally hate a quarrelsome woman. She may have problems getting a job because most employees are men.

Her life will become miserable because of one flawed character in her that affects her relationships.

Therefore, by doing a quick check of your problems, you will realize the root is most likely a flawed relationship.

Solution to Your Problems

Of course, the best solution is to make your relationships as healthy as possible. In no time, most of your problems will disappear.

Minimize the number of relationships you are involved in. If you have too many relationships, a little flaw in your character will give birth to countless problems.

By having few relationships, you will easily correct your flaw before it gets out of hand. Another important thing to note is that any flaw in one relationship is most likely to spread to all of your other relationships.

You only have one basic way of relating. If you change it, it affects all your relationships. Avoid many unnecessary relationships.

Then keep majority of your relationships casual. The more intimate a relationship is, the greater the chances it has to brew problems.

Once a relationship becomes toxic, distance yourself from it if it is appropriate. Learn to cut off relationships that brew either many or painful problems.

The Ultimate Relationship

Of all relationships we can ever have, none comes close to the relationship with our creator. God, the maker of the heavens and the earth, ordained that for anyone to have a fulfilling life, he must have a healthy relationship with Him.

The very source of trouble that we struggle with today is a result of a broken relationship between man and God. For thousands of years we have suffered its effects.

Denying the existence of God only makes matters worse. It is not a choice. If you want to help yourself, begin with creating a healthy relationship with God.

God sent his son, Jesus who mediated our case. The only way to restore the relationship between man and God is through Jesus Christ.

As long as that relationship remains broken, the world will keep suffering. The common thing that all people who end up in hell have is they lacked a relationship with God. Hell is simply a place that has nothing to do with God.

God is light, in hell there is darkness. God is life, in hell there is death. God is a savior, in hell there is perishing.

Jesus summed up all laws into one, Love the Lord your God and your neighbor as yourself. Clearly, you can see the summary of all laws is all about relationships.

By having a good relationship with God and your neighbors, you will have the most fulfilling life. Imagine if nations would treat each other with love instead of bitterness, all the wars would most likely cease.


Now that you now the cause of most problems in the world, try to solve as many of them as you can. Begin with mending your relationship with God.

Once it is stable, all other relationships will fall into place. It is how the world is created. Even the world itself becomes worse as it drifts further from God.

To help you kick start rebuilding and repairing your relationships, I recommend you read a book called Boundaries: When to say yes and When to say No by Dr.Henry Cloud.

Until next time, goodbye!

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