Having an Affair with a Married Man

Having an affair with a married man is not what many may assume it is. If you ever find yourself in a position where you are having an affair with a married man, take note of the following:

A Married Man having an Affair is a Vicious Cycle

The fact that a man is married and he is having an affair points to the broken love system within the man. If he can’t be faithful to his current wife, what makes you think he will be faithful to you?

The man himself may think that by changing his wife he will magically become faithful. But in most cases, faithfulness is an independent decision on the side of the man.

This does not mean that all married men who are having affairs are incapable of being faithful. But chances of meeting a married man who is having an affair but can be faithful are next to zero.

If a married man can’t love his wife to commit to her, don’t put your hope in his promise to change once he has you.

Having an Affair with a Married Man is a Disorder

It is a concern if you are comfortable having an affair with a married man. You may argue that it is a common occurrence but that does not mean it is right.

Having an affair with a married man violates love. Naturally, love is jealous. If a man loves you, he will be jealous. The more love he has for you, the more jealous he will be over you.

An affair with a married man means that you don’t value the jealous aspect of love. And without that part of love, you will never feel truly loved by a man.

The same disorder attracts men who are incapable of loving.

Love is a commitment. It takes sacrifice and hard work. If a man is not willing to work out love with his wife, don’t count on him to do it with you.

If a Married Man wants you, refuse

There are no two ways about it. If a married man is showing interest in you, reject his advances. No matter how appealing they may be, it is a disguise.

You can’t break one marriage to create another. Whatever broke the first marriage will also break the second marriage. It may take time but it will eventually happen.

You are better off working on yourself to be a good wife to a clean man than entangling yourself with a married man.

Also, when you reject the advances of a married man, you set good boundaries that will make you enjoy love once you are hooked to the right man.

Therefore, by all means reject any advances from a married man.

If you are usually attracted to married men, treat it as a disorder. Work on your belief system until having an affair with a married man brings up feelings of guilt within you.

It is very important to have the right mindset when you get into a love relationship.

Ending an Affair with a Married Man

The best way to end an affair with a married man is to be clear and authentic. Tell him directly that you don’t want an affair and stop talking to him.

He may persuade you not to end it but since it is the right thing, don’t negotiate it.

It is good for you to be very clear and make sure the man has heard what you have decided. Don’t make it sound as if you are asking him whether to end the affair or not. Do it for your own good.

Run mama! Run!