Is it God’s Will to Heal Everyone

Is it God’s Will to heal everyone?

There should be no doubt about God’s will when it comes to healing us. Jesus, who is the express image of God, showed us without a doubt that God’s desire for us is that we may be healed of all diseases.

Nowhere in the Bible is it documented that a sick person came to Jesus and Jesus refused to heal him. Jesus himself portrayed in many occasions that He came to heal the sick, open the eyes of the blind and bind up the broken hearted.

After all these signs, should we really be debating whether it is God’s will to heal everyone?

But I understand that most people ask ‘If it is God’s will to heal all people then why are most people sick?’

A simple answer to this question would be that those who are sick have not asked God to heal them but that will bring another question; why do some genuine Christians ask for healing but don’t receive it?

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That is a more legitimate question and that is what I want to talk about for the remaining part of this article.

By the end of my writing, I want you to be 100% certain that God wants to heal you and I also want you to know how God’s healing works.

Let’s jump into it…

Is it God’s Will to Heal Everyone?

Causes of Sicknesses

Before we talk about healing, let us first talk about the causes of the sicknesses that most people experience.

When God created Adam, he was perfect. There was no room for sickness. But after Adam disobeyed God, he opened a door for all manner of evil in his life including sickness.

The first cause of sickness is demonic powers.

Sickness as a Result of Demonic Powers

Demons inflict all manner of sicknesses. The demons get access in the lives of men when men disobey God. Any kind of sin is disobedience to God and it opens a potential door for demons to enter.

This is true when we read about several healing miracles performed by Jesus. The Bible tells us that Jesus rebuked a demon out of a young epileptic boy and he became free.

The demon was responsible for the epilepsy.

In another instance, we read that Jesus rebuked fever from Simon’s mother in law and she became well. She rose from her bed and prepared a meal for them.

This shows that the fever that the woman had was a result of the demon that was rebuked.

Today, a big percentage of sicknesses that people suffer from are as a result of demonic oppression.

Healing for Sickness caused by Demonic Possession

When someone’s sickness is caused by demonic oppression, the only way for that person to get healing is if the demon is cast out.

It is God’s will that everyone be healed but if the demon in the life of the person is there legally, God has no right to cast it out.

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Take an example of a person who has cancer and the demon of cancer entered the person because she bears unforgiveness.

It is the very law of God that states that unforgiveness is sin. Therefore, according to the law of God, this person is suffering cancer legally. It is a result of his unforgiveness.

Though God wants to heal such a person, He can’t heal the person because of the unforgiveness.

If the person forgives whoever wronged him, the demon of cancer will have no right in his life and God will cast it out.

That is how the person will get healing.

Sickness as a result of demonic possession is tied to some legal right caused by the sin committed by the person. If the person repents of his sin, the demon will leave and he will recover from whatever sickness he is suffering from.

Is it God’s will to heal everyone? Sickness as a Result of Foolishness

Another common cause of sickness is foolishness. When you eat junk food repeatedly, your health will deteriorate.

Obesity comes because someone has been eating foolishly. God is the giver of wisdom and He says that whoever does not have wisdom should ask for it from Him.

If one fails to ask for wisdom of how to eat healthy food, he will eat junk food and become sick.

The sickness that results from our foolishness is healed when we gain knowledge. This is why if you are struggling with being overweight, God will require you to work out to cut the weight.

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Working out is hard. That is the punishment of being foolish.

In rare circumstances, God shows mercy to people who became sick because of their foolishness and spares them suffering.

But the mercy God shows is on condition that the person deserves it.

Sicknesses that come as a result of our foolishness are the ones you commonly see people asking God to heal them but nothing happens.

It is not that God does not want to heal them but it is that the people are reaping what they sowed according to the law of God.

God’s will is to heal them but He can’t break His law.

Sickness as a Punishment from God

A third and rare cause of sickness is the type of sickness that comes as a punishment from God. Most Christians whose faith is weak assume that any sickness is a punishment from God.

But the reality is that sickness as a result of God’s punishment is very rare.

In the Bible, I can recall one scenario of God punishing someone with sickness; King Herod in Acts chapter 12.

God is so merciful; it is difficult to irritate Him to the point that He punishes you with sickness.

God punished the Egyptians with boils because they stubbornly refused to let the children of Israel go as He had commanded.

The Israelites also suffered sicknesses from God when they chose to repeatedly annoy Him with their faithlessness.

Sickness that comes as a punishment from God can only be healed when God’s anger dies down. As long as God is still angry, the sickness will be there.

But this type of sickness is extremely rare in this era because of the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Despite the abundant grace, I have witnessed God vow to cause sickness to someone I know.

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The person is so full of pride and won’t listen to God. But still God has given the person a lot of time to change His ways before He inflicts the sickness.

It is God’s Will to Heal Everyone?

I hope you now know what causes various sicknesses among people and why sometimes when people pray to God to heal them they don’t get healed.

Despite the wide spread sicknesses, it is God’s will that we all live in good health. On a daily basis, God works to help as many people as possible to get healing.

Therefore, if you want to live in perfect health, make sure you walk in obedience, gain wisdom and seek to please God at all times.

If you do those three things, you will never fall sick in your life. Jesus is one such example of a human who kept all the three in perfection and He never became sick.

May God help you!