God wants to Save Everyone

Why would a loving God not want to save men? God wants to save everyone. But of course there is the burning question of why can’t God save everyone?

Isn’t He all powerful? Why should saving men be a desire for Him for such a long time?

In this article, I want to explore this topic in detail. I will share why God desires to save all men, what is He saving us from and why He has a difficult time saving men.

By the end of you reading this article, I pray that you will have a new perspective concerning God’s will to save men. I desire that by the end of this article you will be on the forefront to help God save all men.

Let’s dive in…

God wants to Save Everyone

God is a father full of love. It pains Him when even one person goes to Hell. When God created men, He intended to have fellowship with us.

But unfortunately, we sinned against Him and He drove us away from His presence. When we sinned, according to the law of God, we deserved to face the same fate that demons faced.

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But God decided to give us time to turn from our evil ways. That is when He drove us from His presence.

In the presence of God, sin cannot dwell. Since we made ourselves one with sin, God drove us away.

Now that we are away from Him, He is working to separate us from sin. Once we are separated completely from sin, we are invited to His presence.

Away from the presence of God are all manner of evil things; talk of sicknesses, arguments, pain, feeling tired, loneliness, bitterness, unforgiveness and many other vices.

Since God loves us, He doesn’t want any human being to suffer these evils. But at the same time, God can only save us from these evils when we are washed from our sin.

When we become clean, God immediately takes us away from all these evils that we may enjoy all the goodness that is in His presence.

God loves us so much. He feels a lot of pain watching us suffer in the evils of this world. But He waits for us to separate ourselves from sin so that He may draw us to Himself.

The longer we choose to remain in sin, the longer it takes for us to be saved from the wickedness of this world.

What is God saving us from?

There are endless evils that God is working to save us from. The calamities of this world are some of the things God is working to save us from.

But then the Bible emphasizes on one key thing that we are told God is saving us from; death. By far the worst disaster that can be fall a man is death.

If you become sick, you can recover. If you feel discouraged, you can do something to get encouraged. But when you die, there is no more hope.

The Bible, in a humorous way, says ‘even a live dog is better than a dead lion’. Death is such a disaster that even the most miserable living person is far better than an honorable dead person.

The Bible further says that the living know that they will die but the dead know nothing. In other words, once you die, everything about you is forgotten.

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God’s salvation sets us free from the law of death. According to the law, anyone who sins deserves death. This is why I was saying when we sinned against God, we deserved death but God had mercy on us.

Instead of giving us over to death, He came up with a plan to give us time to repent of our sins and turn to Him.

By turning away from our sin, we will be clean to dwell in God’s presence. Since God’s presence is life, when we dwell in His presence eternally, we have eternal life. How beautiful!

Death is being away from God’s presence. The devil and his demons are in death because they were cast out of God’s presence.

This is also the reason why the Bible refers to works done in sin as dead works. The works are dead because they are done away from God’s presence; in the darkness.

Why God Has a Difficult Time Saving Everyone

If God had the power to speak the heavens and the earth into being, how can saving men be hard for Him? Well, it doesn’t look hard for God to save everyone until you know how salvation works.

God works according to His holy law. God’s law is life. In the law of God, for a man to be saved, He must be free from sin.

The entire Old Testament is a narration of God teaching men to live a sinless life with little success. One after another, men failed to attain the sinless nature that the law of God required for them to be saved.

When God saw that it was very hard for a man to live a sinless life, He sent His only son Jesus to live a sinless life on behalf of all men.

Jesus managed to live a sinless life and paid the price for all men to be saved. But then there is a catch; you are only eligible for salvation if you believe in Jesus.

By believing in Jesus, you acknowledge that you are unable to attain the sinless nature that the law of God requires for a man to be saved.

But then you request that Jesus be your representative. Since Jesus managed to live a sinless life, through Him, you are cleared as a sinless person. That is how a man obtains salvation.

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The challenge in saving men springs from the fact that men have a choice whether to believe in Jesus or not. It is up to an individual to decide to believe in Jesus.

Since salvation can only be found through Jesus, all the people that fail to believe Him can’t have salvation.

The only way God can save men according to His law is by pleading with them to believe in Jesus. This is why the gospel is preached all over the world.

The aim is to get as many people as possible to believe in Jesus and get salvation.

God wants to Save Everyone: Your Part

God desires to save everyone and He wants you to help Him save all men. God will be pleased with you if you tell others about Jesus.

The more people believe in Jesus, the more people God saves. Salvation was meant for us; God doesn’t need it. It is out of His great love that God pleads with us to receive salvation.

Harden not your heart when God pleads with you to receive salvation. If you have the salvation already, go help others get it too.