Does God Want Me to Have a Baby?

Does God want me to have a baby?

God wants you to have babies. Yes! Forget about any other contrary opinions you have heard. It is God’s will for you to have children.

Barrenness is a curse. There are several stories in the Bible where God opened the wombs of barren women.

When God was telling the Israelites about the blessings that would follow them if they walked in His ways, He included being fruitful as a blessing.

In the book of Psalms, the psalmist compares children to arrows in a quiver. He says blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them.

There is no doubt about children being a blessing. There is not a single documentation in the Bible where we are given a different view of babies other than them being a blessing.

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If you are thinking of having a baby but you are not sure whether it is God’s will or not, I hope you have your answer.

If you are trying to get a baby but it is not working out, I’ll show you what you need to do so that God gives you a baby.

Does God want Me to have a Baby?


When it comes to getting pregnant, the will of God is subject to the will of the woman. God created us with a free will. We can choose to follow Him or follow our own ways.

When a woman wants to get pregnant, she will get pregnant provided all the laws governing pregnancy are fulfilled.

God created women with wombs that they may get babies. He put in place a system that ensures that a woman can conceive and carry life in her womb until the appointed time for her to deliver.

God also set a period within which a woman can conceive. Once that period elapses, the woman won’t be able to conceive.

The system governing how women get pregnant is made according to God’s will. It is that system that represents God’s will for women’s pregnancy.

Why should God come to tell a woman to get pregnant when He has given her a womb and a husband and she is in her prime age of bearing children?

A wise woman should be able to discern that it is time for her to get pregnant based on the systems that God has put around her.

Deciding whether to get pregnant or not is based on the will of the woman. It is her wisdom that should tell her when to get pregnant.

If a woman is in a position to conceive but she is not prepared financially, it is wise for her to put her finances in order before conceiving.

It takes wisdom to make such a decision.

God already did His part by giving the woman all she needs to get pregnant.

The Number of Children God wants you to have

God has a specific number of children that He desires you to have. But God will not reveal to you how many children He wants you to have unless you ask Him.

When God created you, He gave you gifts and He knows the capacity of things you can handle. Taking care of children is not easy. Bringing up children to fear the Lord and walk in His ways is tough.

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That is why God has a specific number of children that He desires you to have. The number of children God wants for you is based on your abilities.

We are told in the Bible how some people are given thirty fold, others sixty fold and others a hundred fold. If you have a hundred fold in the area of raising children, God will entrust you with more babies than someone who has only thirty fold.

If you have sixty fold and you bear children that a thirty fold woman should, you will feel there is a void in you for more children.

The easiest way to know if you have given birth to the right number of children is if you no longer have a burning desire for more children.

If you have a burning desire to get a baby, chances are that you are yet to bear the number of children that God intended you to bear based on the ability He gave you.

If you want to be on the safe side, make sure  you get God to tell you the exact number of children He wants you to have.

The number of children God tells you to have is the perfect number; you won’t feel you need more children and you won’t strain to raise your children.

Does God want me to have a Baby? Trusting God for a Baby

If you are trusting God for a baby, this section is for you. I hope you already know by now that it is God’s will for you to have children.

You should also know by now that if you have a desire to have children it means you are yet to have the maximum number of children that God created you to handle.

God uses your emotions to let you know that you need more children. Therefore, stop doubting if it is God’s will for you to have a baby or not.

But then you need wisdom when it comes to having children. As I mentioned before, if you allow yourself to conceive when you are not prepared for the pregnancy, you will pay the price.

God will allow you to get pregnant when you want even if you are not prepared for it.

If you want a baby and you are praying to God to get one but you are not conceiving, then the problem is either violating God’s laws that govern pregnancy or you are under attack by the enemy.

Violating God’s Laws that Govern Pregnancy

Violating God’s laws that govern pregnancy can stop you from getting a baby. It takes wisdom to know and walk according to the laws that God has set to govern pregnancy.

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The biggest violation is time. God has clearly stated that there is a time and a season for every matter under the sun. There is a time God has set for a woman to conceive and a time when she can’t conceive no matter how hard she tries.

Some ladies in their foolishness don’t pay attention to the time God has set and when their time to conceive elapses they run to God asking for a baby.

Remember the story of the five wise virgins and five foolish virgins? If you don’t apply wisdom, you will miss the timing of God’s seasons.

If you have run out of the time God had allocated for you to conceive, there is only one way you can get a baby…

That is by pleading for His mercy.

Take lessons from King Hezekiah who ran out of his time here on earth but when God asked him to prepare for his death, He pleaded with God to add him more years.

God granted him fifteen more years based on the argument He gave to God.

If you too have missed the time allocated for conceiving, you can plead with God to have mercy on you and give you a baby.

But then this also means that you need to know about God’s laws that govern the mercy of God. God says that He will have mercy on whomever He chooses. This means that getting mercy from God is fully God’s choice.

But then God gave us a clue on what we can do to get His mercy; by showing others mercy. Remember the beatitude that says blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy?

That is true.

If you want God to have mercy on you, show mercy to others.

An Attack from the Enemy

The other reason why women struggle to get pregnant is as result of an attack from the enemy. The devil is a deceiver and he deceives many women to get into covenants that stop them from conceiving.

There are many of such covenants that hinder women from getting children. I will not go into detail in this article.

The good thing is that you don’t have to know all those covenants that the devil may have deceived you to get into to break them.

Provided you know how to break them, you will break them.

The process of breaking those covenants is a bit lengthy so I will not write it in this article. You can get it in this eBook that I wrote.

The eBook I wrote is about praying to get a husband but there is a chapter that talks about how to break free from covenants that stop you from getting married.

Those covenants that stop you from getting married are the same that stop you from getting children. Follow the steps I outlined to get yourself free and get the babies you so much desire.

May God help you!