What is God’s Will Concerning Marriage?

God introduced marriage for a very specific reason. The reason has long been forgotten by many. In our current generation, it is rare to find a couple that is fully aligned in God’s perfect will for marriage.

In this article, I will walk you through the purpose for which God introduced marriage and how you can align yourself to fulfill God’s perfect will for marriage.

Does God want me to get Married?

This is probably the first question that comes to mind when someone thinks about God’s will for marriage. It has been debated over and over whether getting married is our own choice or it is God’s choice for us.

Some argue that because God is the one who introduced marriage, it is definitely a requirement for us to get married. Others argue that getting married takes up precious time that could have been spent serving God.

Who among the two is right? Which version of the argument do you support?

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Don’t worry if you have not picked any side. I’m here to guide you through this matter so that you may know the mind of God concerning marriage.

According to God’s perfect will, every man is supposed to have a helper. This means that getting married is God’s desire for everyone.

However, there are exceptions…This idea of everyone getting married seems impossible in the current generation.

The fact that one man is to have one woman makes it difficult to achieve the perfect will that God has.

Despite the complications in the world right now, God still wants His children to get married.

Will I not serve God better when I am not married?

I know Apostle Paul wrote that whoever is unmarried worries about God’s business but whoever is married is concerned about pleasing the partner. That is true.

But did you know that God can train you to serve Him when you are married. In fact, you will serve God much better when you are married than when you are single if you allow God to train you.

Has not the word of God said that two are better than one and that a three stringed strand is not easily broken?

Marriage can make you serve God more efficiently if you allow Him to train you.

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Therefore, let it be known to you that God wants you to have a partner. But then it is with the condition that you allow God to establish your marriage in His perfect will.

Does God want you to have Children?

Now that you know that marriage is God’s perfect will, the next big question is about getting children in marriage. Is it God’s will?


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According to God’s perfect will, every couple should have children. When God had created Adam and Eve, He commanded them to multiply and fill the earth.

God created man that He may fellowship with him. God’s desire was that man would have children and that the children born to him would also join the fellowship.

From the command that God gave man after creating him, we clearly see that it was His will that every man should have children.

We also know that God made the first two humans male and female. There is no way to have an offspring unless a man and a woman come together.

This further affirms God’s will that all couples should have children.

In the Bible, there are several narrations of how God gave children to barren women. Such stories go a long way to show just how much God values couples having children.

Forget about the philosophies going around in this generation that say otherwise. Remember we are in a fallen world that barely knows God’s perfect will.

The devil has deceived many couples and bound many more so that they don’t get children. But God’s perfect will is for couples to have children and teach those children to walk in God’s upright ways.

What is the Purpose of Marriage according to God’s Will?

When God introduced marriage, He had good intentions. He added many benefits to marriage but there is one reason that stands out from the rest.

I can confidently say this is the main reason why God introduced marriage. Without this reason, marriage would barely serve God’s perfect will.

According to God’s will, marriage is for teaching us love. We know that love is the greatest concept in the Bible. It is the fulfillment of the whole law and God is love.

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Love is a mystery that can’t be fully expressed in words.

God knew that it would be hard for man to learn about love and so He decided to make man experience it. Many times the Bible compares the love of Jesus for the church to the love of a husband to his wife.

In another place the Lord equates His love for Israel to the love that a mother has for a nursing baby.

Love is hard to explain in words. God chose to let us experience it then He would equate His love for us to the love we have for people around us.

The greatest equating of love is when God sent His only son to die for our sins. How much does a parent love his only child? God’s love for us surpassed that love since He gave His only son to die on the cross.

Marriage is one of the best ways God has provided for us to experience love. It is easier for us to understand God’s love when we are married than when we are single.

What is God’s Will Concerning getting a Marriage Partner?

When God saw that it was not good for Adam to be alone, He caused him to fall asleep, took one of his ribs and created a wife for him.

Clearly we see that God did all the work for Adam as far as getting a partner for him was concerned. Since this was the very first partner that God found for someone, it reveals to us God’s perfect will in finding a partner.

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God knew that Adam needed a helper and He looked for a helper in all creation but found none. This reveals to us that not just anyone can be our partner.

Remember God brings partners together so that they may learn love. How can you learn love if the person you are paired up with is not perfect for you?

God will pair you up with the perfect partner provided you align yourself to His will. Just as He did for Adam and Isaac, He will do it for you.

Don’t buy into the corrupted ideas that the world advocates for when it comes to finding a partner. Trust God and see Him give you the perfect partner.

That is the will of God concerning Marriage.