What is God’s Purpose for My Life

Knowing God’s purpose for your life is not as hard as it may seem. Before you understand how God operates, you will have no clue what God wants you to do but once you understand how God operates, everything will become easy to understand.

I spent several years of my life trying to figure out God’s purpose for my life. I tried praying and fasting, asking church leaders and all manner of things Christians do when they are lost but no answer came.

One day I went to God to tell Him I had given up trying to know His purpose for my life. Surprisingly, a day after I gave up trying to know God’s will for my life, He revealed it to me.

But the revelation was not like Saul’s encounter on his way to Damascus. Rather, it was more of adding one more piece of the jigsaw to the puzzle.

Nonetheless, the simple revelation helped me understand many things about my life. Ever since that day, I have not had a problem when it comes to knowing what to do as it pertains God’s purpose for my life.

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In this article, I am going to walk you step by step how you can learn of God’s purpose for your life without toiling in prayer and fasting.

When God switches on the light in your mind , everything that now seems so ambiguous will become clear as the noon day sun.

God’s Purpose for Creating Man

Before I come to you as an individual, let me address God’s intention for creating man. Once you understand why God created all men, it will be easy for you to understand why God created you.

The purpose of God creating man was that He may have fellowship with man. The same way we create friendships so that we may have fellowship with our friends.

No matter how successful someone becomes, he will always need other people for him to enjoy fellowship.

The Bible tells us that one cannot keep himself warm but two can keep each other warm.

Since we are created in God’s image, it means that God also longs for fellowship just as we do. That is why He created man.

But then something went wrong…

Man sinned against God and ruined the perfect fellowship that God intended to have with man. God had the option of destroying man completely and creating another form of beings to fellowship with but He chose to work hard to restore man.

The story of God working to restore man to Himself is what we read throughout the Bible. The climax of the redemption story came when Jesus died on the cross and resurrected on the third day.

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At this point we can conclude that God’s current purpose for man is that man would believe in His only son Jesus and help others believe Him too.

By believing in Jesus, man will be restored to the original purpose which was to fellowship with God.

God’s Purpose for you is fulfilling the Great Commission

At the moment, God desires that every man comes to the knowledge of the truth. It is only through man knowing the truth that the original purpose of fellowshipping with God can be achieved.

This is the reason why God has promised us heavenly mansions when Jesus returns to take us to heaven.

We are urged to spread the good news to all nations so that everyone may believe in Jesus and that by believing in Jesus everyone may be restored to the original purpose of God.

Therefore, God’s general purpose for all people is that they help in spreading the good news of Jesus to their neighbors.

And now it is at this point that God sub-divides His purpose for individuals.

Getting the world to hear the good news takes many different approaches. To reach part of the world that loves reading, God has to raise writers. To reach part of the world that loves music, God has to raise singers. For each part of the world to be reached, God has to use suitable avenues.

Here is where callings for individuals come in. God gives some the skill to play instruments that through their skill of playing instruments they may spread the good news of Jesus.

For others, God gives them wisdom to make money so that when the world comes to them to get tips of how to make money, they also learn about the good news of Jesus.

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In every field, God has put his people with the purpose of spreading the gospel of Christ.

Revelation of God’s Purpose

Am I not a blogger? Am I not spreading the good news of Jesus?

I fell in love with writing since I was a teenager but I wasn’t sure about God’s purpose for my life. This went on until one day God gave me a dream and when I shared the dream with one of my mentors, he told me God wanted me to use my writing to spread the gospel of Christ.

Not only did the interpretation of the dream help me know what God wanted me to do but it also helped me understand that every skill I have is to be used to spread the gospel of Christ.

I am gifted intellectually. When I went to college, I shared the good news of Christ with my classmates. When my friends asked me how to create a blog, I shared with them the good news of Jesus.

I no longer ask myself whether God wants me to be working at company X or Y; all I know is that wherever I find myself, I will talk about the gospel of Christ.

Ever since I got this revelation, God has taken me to different places as He wills. I never asked for it. God takes me to places where people who need the knowledge I have are and I do what I know I should do.

Right now I have reached you because God gave me wisdom to create a blog and rank my articles on Google.

I hope you now understand how God operates and how it is easy for you to know your purpose in life. You don’t need to pray and fast to know God’s purpose for your life.

God’s Purpose is built in You

There was a time when I was an amateur writer. I can’t say God told me to train to become a professional writer but I wanted to be a professional writer.

It was only after I had become a professional writer that God instructed me to use my writing to spread the gospel of Christ.

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Right now I am not good at singing but one day I want to be able to lead people in singing. Currently when I share the good news with my friends, I struggle to lead them in worship.

My desire is that one day I will be able to master voice and rhythm so that I may lead people I share with in worship. I can say all this is my personal desire but I know it is in perfect alignment with God’s purpose for my life.

At the end of the day, God will reward me for spreading the gospel of Christ with little regard to the method I used.

For some people I will win them to Christ by my writing, others by my humor, others by my eloquence but all in all what matters is that I have won them to Christ.

I hope you have understood God’s purpose for your life.

Go spread the gospel of Christ!