Gifts to Buy for Someone who Lost a Mother

Deciding on the gift to buy someone who has lost a mother is not easy.

When your friend loses her mother, your friendship goes through a tough test. If you stay away, your friend will think you are not faithful. If you stay with her, you may not know exactly what to do for her.

As challenging as it gets, you need to be there for your friend who has lost a mother. When you show up at her place, you need to carry a gift.

A gift is a good way to show that you really care for your friend. Different gifts mean different things. Taking the wrong gift to your grieving friend can cause more harm than good to your friendship.

That is why it is important to know exactly what gift to buy, what it means and how to give it to your friend who is bereaved.

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I will guide you in this article on the three gifts that you need to buy for someone who is bereaved. These three gifts mean different things as I will explain to you.

Gifts for Someone who Lost a Mother

1. A Permanent Printed Material

The first gift you need to buy for you someone who lost a mother is any printed material. The printing should be a reminder to the person that her mother was a sweet person.

This printed material should have some writing that shows the love of a mother. You have to remind your friend that her mother loved her. Since you won’t be around her all the time, a permanent printed material will do the work for you.

The permanence of the gift you give to your friend who lost a mother is symbolic of the permanent love that her mother had for her.

You can explain this to her when you deliver the gift.

In most cases, a framed quote of the love of a mother is preferred. Your friend can hang the framed quote in her room and always remember her mother’s love.

Also with the permanent print, you are telling your friend subconsciously how faithful you are to her. Every day she will be seeing the permanent print you gave to her after she lost her mother, she will remember you.

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2. A Covering Cloth as a Gift for Someone who Lost a Mother

The second gift you need to buy someone who lost a mother is any type of cloth for covering herself. You can even get her a blanket though a cloth is preferred.

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We all know that mothers cover us. By your friend losing her mother, she has lost her warm covering. This is why you buy her a shawl or any other kind of cloth to cover herself with.

The cloth is perceived to be the everlasting embrace that a mother gives to her children. Though your friend will never again feel the embrace of her mother, the clothing you give to her will remind her of the embrace of her mother.

The piece of cloth for your friend to cover herself also represents your warm care for your friend during this difficult time.

We have already discussed above how important it is for you to be there for your friend. Since you can’t always be there hugging your friend to keep her warm, the warm clothing you buy her will remind her that you really care.

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3. Physical Money

For a long time, money has been the gift that you are sure someone will like. It has never changed. No matter how terrible someone feels, money will always be welcome.

When you are giving a gift to someone who lost a mother, your friend may not be impressed much with the physical gifts though they are important.

That is why the last gift you give your grieving friend is the gift of all ages. The gift that you are sure your friend will receive and feel that you actually care for her.

Since money is so precious to us, giving it to your bereaved friend shows how much you value her. The amount you choose to give is based on your financial state.

One important thing to remember is to hand over the money to your friend physically. Electronic money is still money but then it is not fulfilling to deliver it as a gift to someone who lost a mother.

If you can withdraw electronic money so that you have it physically, it will be much better. Put the money in an envelope and hand it to your friend.

Your friend should not know how much money is in the envelope. The harder it is for your friend to know how much money is in the envelope, the better your gift will be.

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The money you give your friend is for propelling her after the loss of her mother. Mothers do provide for their children. By giving money as a gift to someone who has lost a mother, you are consoling the person in terms of the provisions that her mother used to give.

Delivering the Gifts to Someone who Lost a Mother

Getting the right gifts for your friend is one thing; delivering them is a different thing. When it comes to delivering the three gifts above, take note of these three guidelines:

  1. Deliver the gifts when you first meet your friend after you heard of the loss of her mother. If you have already been with your friend after the loss of her mother, it is still okay to deliver the gifts. The goal here is to get the gifts to your friend as soon as you can.
  2. Make sure your friend knows when you are paying her a visit. Before you deliver your gifts, you should have passed your condolences to your friend. Don’t let the gifts get to your friend before your condolences.
  3. Deliver the gifts in person. Your presence is a gift too. Your friend will not only appreciate the gifts you have brought her but also your presence. The time you spend with your friend is what makes the gifts you are delivering worth receiving.

With that, I hope you will be of help to your friend at this difficult time. Apply wisdom when handling your friend who has lost a mother.

All the best!