Praying for Future Husband Book you must Read

This is a book every Christian girl praying for a future husband must read. It takes great knowledge to get a husband.

Godly husbands are not picked up randomly on the street. You must invest time in prayer and gathering knowledge to get a godly husband.

This book is about how a Christian girl should pray in order to get a husband from God.

There are many pitfalls when it comes to praying for a future husband.

Many innocent Christian girls fail to get their husbands because of the pitfalls. God Himself acknowledged that His people perish for lacking knowledge.

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Some Christian women end up in relationships that are ungodly because they didn’t have sufficient knowledge to know their right husband.

In this article, I want to show you how you can use this book to pray and get your husband. If you are in a hurry and you want to buy the book right away, get it here.

Praying for Future Husband Book: Assumptions

While I was writing this book, I assumed a number of issues. I want to let you know what was assumed so that you fill in the gaps while reading the book.

1. You are a Single Female

This book is about finding a husband. In the current generation, it is not only females that look for husbands. That is why I must specify that I assumed the reader of this book is a female.

Secondly, I assume that you are single. I don’t want a lady to read this book while in a relationship of any sort with a man.

Why should a lady in a relationship bother about finding a husband?

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The steps outlined in this book are designed to help single ladies and will only work if you are genuinely single.

It doesn’t matter how messy your previous relationships have been if any. There is a section in this book that deals with cleaning you up in preparation for the husband God has ordained for you.

2. You are Born Again

I wouldn’t bother to write this book to a lady who is not born again. For such a lady, I would write her a book about the importance of getting born again.

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My assumption is that you are born again and your faith in Jesus is stable. If not, work on it before you start reading this book.

The content of this book will only make sense to a lady who believes that Jesus is the son of God and that He died and rose again on the third day.

When a lady is not born again, she needs Jesus not a husband. Once you have Jesus, we can now work to help you get a husband.

3. You Belong to a Church

There are steps in this book that will require you to talk to your church leaders. In my writing, I assumed that a woman who reads this book is a committed member of a given church.

I also assumed that the reader has a good relationship with her church leaders. Such leaders are the guides that God has given us.

When the goal of this book (to get you a husband) is done, you will need church leaders to officiate your union. If you don’t belong to a specific church, you will struggle to carry out some steps.

4. You are looking for a Godly Husband

It seems obvious but I must mention that the reader I wrote to must be actively seeking to get a husband. Jesus told us to ask and we will receive, seek and we will find, knock and the door shall be opened for us.

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It is only a lady seeking for a husband that will be willing to go through the steps outlined in this book. Without a clear cut desire for a husband, following the steps will become a boring chore.

Also, it is not just about the lady seeking for a husband but a husband that God intended for her to get married to.

If you want a husband regardless, you will easily abandon the steps in this book and use ways of the world to get one.

God will only give you a husband after you have put away all other methods of finding a husband that you have heard of.

5. You are filled by the Spirit of God

Some steps in the book require you to pray about ambiguous matters. While writing them, I assumed that the reader can pray in tongues.

Praying in tongues means that you can allow the Spirit of God to help you make intercession about matters you barely know about.

All the women I mention that have found their husbands using this formula were filled by the Spirit of God.

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It is hard for a believer who is not filled by the Spirit of God to get the results I have outlined in the book.

In some parts of the book, I advise the reader to go by the leading of the Spirit of God. If you are not filled by the Holy Spirit, how will you follow His lead?

Praying for Future Husband Book: Guarantees

Some say there are no guarantees in life but I want to give you guarantees. These are truths that you need to know while reading this book about praying for your future husband.

I am a firm believer of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. While writing this book, I knew I will be held accountable by God.

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I knew that if I wrote lies in the book, I would be judged for it. For that reason, I did my level best to write the truth.

I guarantee you that the information offered in this book is in agreement with God’s perfect will for ladies. Be open to receive guidance given in this book knowing it comes from a heart with intentions to please God.

You will receive no condemnation for using the formula outlined in this book to get a husband. You will be on the side of God if you carefully follow the steps outlined in this book.

This book directs you to lay a godly foundation for your marriage with the purpose of serving God and enjoying your time on earth.

If that is what you want, get a copy here.

All the best!