What to do if you are Failing College Classes

It is frustrating if you are consistently failing college classes. I failed repeatedly during my first year in college, which forced me to take drastic action.

My energy was drained and my life was a mess. I almost went into depression. The worst thing about it was the fact that no one could understand me.

I had no one to console me. Failing college classes was a tough period of my life.

So, when I see you looking for a way to bring your life on track, I understand the pain you are going through.

Lucky for you, I have gone through the worst so you don’t have to. In this article, I will show you the easiest and safest way out of the dilemma you are in right now.

Just a side note; the method I’ll talk about in this article is the exact method that I used. I believe in leading people by example.

It may sound scary but trust me, it is the best way out. I hope you will have the guts to use it.

What to do when you are Failing College Classes

You either put in effort to solve the problem of failing college classes or sit back and watch your life spiral out of control. I’m sure you don’t want to sit back and watch your life go south.

Solving the problem also has two options; you either fix your grades and stay in college or drop out. From the outside, staying in college and looking for a way to fix your performance seems like the best option but I have a surprise for you…

Dropping out or rather taking a break from college is the better solution. I’ll tell you shortly why it is so.

Stay in College to fix performance

Staying in college to fix the problem is like trying to repair the brakes of the truck that is headed for the ditch. It is a reasonable idea only that you have little time to solve the problem.

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Also, if you fail to solve the problem on time, it is instant death.

You are already failing in college. Whatever is making you fail is obviously not something you can solve overnight.

You may choose to stay in college and fix your grades but remember that your grades may get so bad that you get discouraged to work on them.

Failing college classes is a habit and habits don’t change overnight.

The worst thing about choosing to stay in college to fix your grade is that if you fail to fix your grades, your life will be in complete jeopardy; you will feel worse than you are feeling right now.

Drop out to Figure out your life

Dropping out of college if you are failing college classes sounds scary but it is the best option. Dropping out means you will have sufficient time to figure out the problem and find a solution for it.

This is the decision I made. I dropped out of college after my first year. The experience of dropping out was tough, I won’t lie. You can read about my painful experience from my eBook.

But I’m grateful that I chose to drop out of college when my performance was poor. I saved myself a lot of money and it helped me find direction in life.

The best thing about dropping out of college if your results are poor is that you can always go back once you find stability. I went back to college three years after I dropped out.

The Real Problem when you are Failing College Classes

If you are wise, you will realize that the problem you have is actually fear. The truth is that you are afraid of how you will make a living in future.

Since childhood, we are taught that getting good grades is equal to getting a good job, which in turn gets us good money. That is partially true.

Thankfully, in the era we live in, there are easier routes to achieve success apart from the traditional college route.

For the rest of the article, I want to help you tackle the real problem. If you can fix the real problem, all other problems won’t matter.

If you were making a full time income, would you be worried about your performance in college?

The problem is finding a means to make a living not really failing in college.

Steps to take if you are failing in College

Step 1: Take a Break

As soon as you can, stop attending classes. It is pointless to attend classes if you don’t have interest in them.

Don’t even wait for the semester you are currently pursuing to end. Let the class you attended before you came to read this article be the last class.

Trust me, there is no perfect time to take a break from school and the longer you wait before taking the break, the harder it becomes.

In my case, I woke up one day and decided I had had enough. I simply stopped going to class. I never told anyone. The decision you make will affect your life more than anyone else’s.

If you keep asking people, you will keep getting contradicting advice which will only delay you. One of my best mantras states ‘It is better to make a wrong decision now and have time to change it later rather than wait for the perfect time to make the right decision’.

It’s going to be messy, I won’t lie. But anytime you feel cheated, come and read this article again. Or even better, get my eBook and draw motivation from my experience every time you feel cheated.

Step 2: Get a Mentor

Once you take a break from college or quit it all together, you’ll feel lost, I guarantee you! In fact, you will feel a lot more confused than you are right now.

But when you do, remember that is the right path.

I have written a comprehensive article that explains why you need a mentor, how and where to get one and how much it will cost you. Read it to know exactly what steps to take to get a mentor.


If you are failing in college, you are in a tight spot; no doubt about it. If you mess up at this stage, you will struggle to make a living in future. Don’t follow the trend of people who regret what they did in college.

I have gone through a similar experience and I confirm to you that taking a break from college and getting a mentor will save your life.

There is no reason why you should delay taking action only to waste your time and money in college. If college is not meant for you, there are other options that will work for you.

And they will only work for you if you take action despite the fear and anxiety you might be feeling. Making a big decision has never been easy and waiting for it to be easy is cheating yourself.

If you mishandle the current situation, you will quickly fall behind your peers and it is hard to catch up.

This is the time to make the difference. You have to get a fighting spirit and push through this tough situation. I did it and you too can do it.

Rise up and conquer.

All the best!